The Bill producer jailed for soliciting murder

Sadly, truth proves stranger than fiction in this crime case...

A former producer on UK police drama The Bill has been jailed for 17 years over a plot to kill his partner.

David Harris, 68, offered UK200,000 (AU$333,600) three different men to kill Hazel Allinson, who also previously worked on The Bill, in a planned ‘mugging gone wrong’.

He planned to sell Ms Allinson’s UK800,000 (AU$1,337,248) home and spend the rest of his life with his Lithuanian lover Ugne Cekaviciute, 28, whom he met in a brothel.

Judge Anne Molyneux QC told Harris: “For your pipe dream, for your obsessive infatuation with a young woman, Ms Allinson, who had protected and nurtured you, was to die a painful and terrifying death in an isolated spot.

“Her death was to fund your life. You had used her until she had outlasted her usefulness to you.

“All that you wanted from her was that she should die and you should inherit her money.”

A jury rejected his explanation he only wanted to talk to hitmen as research for a murder mystery novel.

Source: SKY News

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