The Walking Dead: trailer

The season 8 trailer includes a post-script that will have everybody talking. 

Warning: violence, adult themes.

AMC has released a lengthy trailer for its 8th season of The Walking Dead, which includes a post-script that will have everybody talking.

The series returns to FX in Australia on Monday October 23.

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    1. I’m a bit lost – what do you hope they have the balls to do?

      I don’t know what will have ‘everybody talking’ other than how great the trailer looks and how little Negan was in it after the very start. Is it that Rick is in a like the start of the series is in a bed so people are all, ooh, it was all a dream ?? Or that there’s a time jump? This is the show that continually trolls its own fans so I don’t think there’s much point in trying to read anything into a trailer. They’ve had dream sequences before so it could mean absolutely anything or nothing.

      I hope the series likes up to the trailer though because it’s very exciting! No bath scene for Daryl or haircut for Carl which was disappointing.

        1. I accidentally stumbled across a spoiler – why the hell do some people insist on wrecking it for everyone else, it’s so petty ?

          (Not you! The person who just *had* to write it without any spoiler warning in a ‘safe’ zone.)

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