Airdate: Farang

SBS screens a new Scandi-noir drama, Farang, which as the title suggests is actually set in Thailand.

The 8 part, which is already available at SBS on Demand has been given a late night slot, launching with a double next Monday.

This premiered in Sweden in March.

Set in Thailand, Farang is a thrilling new series about love, betrayal and the complicated ties that bind a father with his daughter. The series features a stellar cast, including Ola Rapace (Skyfall), Louise Nyvall (Girls Lost) and Yayaying Rhatha Phongam (Only God Forgives).

Former criminal Rickard (Rapace) has vanished. Fleeing Sweden and the old friends he has testified against, he abandons his name, his life and his family to start over in Thailand. Ten years later and still with a price on his head, Rickard knows that a return home would be a death sentence.

Monday August 14 on SBS

Series One, Episode One (11.30pm):
Rickard is living a quiet life in Thailand. One day his daughter Thyra, who he hasn’t seen for over ten years, shows up looking for him and his world is turned upside down.

Series One, Episode Two (12.25am):
After getting his daughter out of prison, and hoping that the worst is over, Rickard expects Thyra to return to Sweden, but instead he discovers that she is hiding more secrets and he realises there is no turning back.

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