Airdate: In Conversation: Hawke & Howard

Annabel Crabb will sit down with former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and John Howard in a special live interview, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the opening of Old Parliament House.

“It’s now a decade since an Australian Prime Minister last served a full term in office. We live in a time of epic turbulence – domestically and internationally – and shortened attention spans both for politics and policy. What a privilege to be able to draw upon these two elder statesmen, under the very roof where they had their start as leaders,” said Annabel.

Both men started their Federal political careers at Old Parliament House before moving up the hill when the new parliament building opened in 1988.

Between them they held Australia’s highest elected office for 19 years. Bob Hawke was Prime Minister between 1983 – 1991 and John Howard remains the nation’s second longest-serving Prime Minister, leading the Coalition in government between 1996 – 2007.

They remain two of the country’s most venerable elder statesmen.

In Conversation: Hawke & Howard 8pm Wednesday 16th August on ABC News.


  1. Programmers please!!!
    Stop programming decent shows for Wednesday nights until the current flood subsides!
    I’m currently juggling PVRs and calling in the services of my old Pioneers to watch the following:
    1: Hard Quiz, 2: Mad as Hell, 3: The Good Fight, 4: Handmaiden’s Tale, 5: Criminal Minds, 6: Doctor Doctor, 7: Chicago Med, 8: Offspring and now on a channel I never thought I’d have to record – ABC News with Hawke & Howard at 8pm Wed.
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

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