The Voice singer to sue for defamation

A 2016 contestant on The Voice has launched defam­ation action against a military-themed website and Nine Network.

Chrissy Ashcroft launched legal action last week against a website that alleged she had exaggerated her war experiences, which were later published online by Nine. She denies the allegations.

On The Voice Ashcroft explained she had been suffering from post-traumatic stress related to her deployment in ­Afghanistan, performing “When the War is Over”, with Delta turning her chair.

On Facebook she recently wrote about her Afghanistan experiences.

“My memories of that day in the village are confronting, terrifying, and are of lasting impact. They include detonating explos­ives, intense smells, wailing women, barking dogs and the squalor in which these people ­existed. I believe I saw the corpse of a small child but was never able to confirm this,” she said.

There is no suggestion The Voice was involved in the defamation.

A network spokeswoman told The Australian Nine had not had time to consider the lawsuit.

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