Shows we are totally missing

We're at the mercy of programmers and release dates as we await these gems & guilty delights.

In the ongoing whiteboard known as Australian television programming there are various gems and guilty pleasures that we are awaiting to renew our couch relationship.

In this list I have highlighted shows that are still in production we are hanging out for.


Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney comedy. Season 3 features Carrie Fisher who tragically died following the return flight home from the UK shoot. Her last TV role. It screened in the UK in February. ABC says it is coming later this year.


The final season of Matt LeBlanc comedy got underway in the US in August. Australian rights are now with ABC, ahead of Stan. Another one the broadcaster says is coming later this year.


The ripping takedown of a Bachelor-style show is not airing in the US at all in 2017 but is due in 2018. This will screen again on Stan, presumably same day once it launches. It has also been renewed for a fourth season. SBS VICELAND is yet to screen S2.


Probably Australia’s favourite ABC show, but not long to wait with new episodes from Wednesday September 13. Counting the sleeps.


Another that has been too long in between kilts, but it’s back on Showcase on Monday week, including with Aussie David Berry.

American Horror Story

To be fair the last few seasons have been pretty disappointing but the new season “Cult” (which starts next week in the USA) is described as an allegory of the US Election so I am tuning in. I can’t recall ELEVEN ever fast-tracking this show, which fails to capitalise on any buzz. Returning cast Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson,  Frances Conroy are joined by Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, Colton Haynes, Alison Pill, and Lena Dunham.


Another ELEVEN show some of us were enjoying before it was rudely ripped off air, replaced with Star, also ripped off air. How’s that working out for ya?

Stranger Things / The Crown

Two killer Netflix shows that had us on the edge of our seat with their debut season. Stranger Things is back Halloween-style October 27nd, but The Crown keeps us waiting, your majesty, until December 8th.

If you have any other shows -still in production- you are hanging out for, let’s hear ’em…. (and yes we know about Game of Thrones).

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  1. Yes – more votes for American Horror Story, Episodes, Bosch, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, UnReal, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, You’re the Worst – among others.

    and if its not too much trouble could some please pull their finger out and properly complete the following:

    Bates Motel, Community, Defiance, Marvels Agent Carter, Man-Seeking-Woman, Salem, Sleepy Hollow etc etc

    1. Ads are destroying the catch-up experience. On TV the ads come and go and the program just smoothly reappears. Trouble is, the broadcasters and advertisers are so greedy and determined to pry into your viewing habits that the methods they are using are making the entertainment a very poor and distant second. Give me time-shifting any day.

    1. Speechless stared off absolutely hilarious, surprising me as I was predisposed against it. Unfortunately the laughs per episode decreased until there just weren’t enough for me to continue watching.

      I loved Minnie Driver’s guest starring role in my current rewatch of Will and Grace. I am getting ready for the new episodes.

  2. With the blocking of most pirate sites, I wonder if the overseas drama prospects would improve on FTA, or is it just to late now with steaming?
    I’m waiting for season 3 of Gotham and season 6 of Call teh Midwives.

  3. Yes, I’m really looking forward to Stranger Things and The Crown but Catastrophe is at the top of my list.
    Love this show – the two leads are brilliant. It’s been too long.
    The Kettering Incident , (despite the ridiculous ending), and Picnic at Hanging Rock are also up there.

  4. The first two episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans are currently showing in IMAX cinemas ahead of the US TV premiere at the end of the month. Would be nice to know if the series will make its way to TV here soon as well.

    1. Showcase bought repeats of S1-4 of Elementary and are using them as filler, but no sign of S5. S6 starts in the US in a month. If CBS does take over Ten you’d think they could sort something out. Though who knows what CBS are planning for Ten and All Access Australia.

      1. So no-one in Australia is getting to watch the latest season of one of the 2 current dramas (along with suits) that are on my To Be Rewatched list? Absolute madness!

        Oh well. The dvd of Elementary season 5 will come out soon so I can borrow it from the library.

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