ABC ME / ABC KIDS: Halloween specials

ABC ME and ABC KIDS have a pumpkin patch of Halloween-themed episodes next week.

ABC ME and ABC KIDS have a pumpkin patch of Halloween-themed episodes next week:


This Halloweeen settle in for a the Australian premiere of Terror In Doomsville screening on Tuesday 31 October at 6.10pm.

Are you in the mood for a good horror story? Well the truck drivers from Doomsville can help you with that! Terror in Doomsville tells the terrifying but fun mishaps of 4 truckers, who suffer at the expense of a terrible monster haunting the people of Doomsville.

This Halloween special is written by the renowned Tommy Donbavand, writer of horror books for children and creator of Scream Street.

Plus, from Sunday October 29 to Tuesday October 31, ABC ME will be playing its spookiest best with special Halloween themed episodes of Little Lunch, Horrible Histories, Shezow, Fairly Odd Parents, Kung Fu Panda and more!


From Sunday 29 October – Tuesday 31 October, ABC KIDS Big Boo features preschoolers favourite characters celebrating Halloween.

Sunday 29 October

Sesame Street: Halloween Special, Australian premiere at 5.00pm
It’s Halloween on Sesame Street, and Elmo is dressed as Galactic Stan from Outer Space, a costume that he made all by himself. Elmo becomes jealous of another boy’s costume, thinking it’s more real – looking. Alan explains that Elmo doesn’t need a fancy costume to be Galactic Stan, all he needs is his imagination. Elmo doesn’t feel jealous anymore,, and soon he and the boy start to play together by using their imaginations!

Ready, Jet, Go! : Jet’s First Halloween, Australian premiere at 5.30pm
The Propulsions learn all about Halloween and the strange Earth traditions that go along with the holiday. And this is an especially exciting Halloween, because there will be a Super Moon! Jet is excited to join Sydney, Sean, and Mindy in enjoying each and every Halloween tradition. When Carrot and Celery Propulsion try to make a haunted house in their garage, Little Mitchell Petersen discovers a perfect opportunity to don a disguise and sneak into the Propulsion house to snoop around. Meanwhile, Sydney, Sean,, and Mindy do their best to keep Jet and his parents from revealing their alien identities.

Plus, everyone’s favourite special Room on the Broom and Peppa Pig in Peppa’s Pumpkin Party.

Monday 30 October
Dot: Scare Master 2.0, Australian premiere at 5.00pm
Dot gathers the crew together to give her Dad,, the self – proclaimed “Scaremaster”, a fright he won’t soon forget…… but in the end,, it’s the one person she didn’t see coming who delivers the final scare.

Tuesday 31 October
Screening Halloween themed episodes throughout the day, the Australian premieres are:

Get Grubby TV: Spooky at 8.20am
A spooky tale in a torch’s glow, sets the scene……it’s Halloween!!…… and anything can happen.
dirtgirl is hosting a spectacular spooky party. Right from the start,, trouble is brewing. There’s mischief on the verandah with a bunch of boo – nanas, a disappearing ghost and a warning from scrapboy not to, under any circumstances, water the pumpkin.

Floogals: Project: Halloween at 8.35am
When the Hoomans wear costumes and adorn their house with spooky decorations for a Halloween party, the Floogals are convinced trouble – making aliens have invaded the household. Soon they must decide whether or not to warn the Hoo mans, at the risk of exposing their own secret mission.

Miffy’s Adventures Big & Small: Miffy’s Halloween at 4.25pm
There’s lots of fun to be had getting ready for the Halloween party, and it seems like everyone has a different costume to dress up in – except Miffy.

Dot: Ghoul Away at 5pm
When a ghost moves into Mister Sherman’s house, Dot takes on the job of getting rid of it in the hopes she can sway her neighbour into liking Halloween again.

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