Update: A Place to Call Home

From this weekend A Place to Call Home will be screening at 7:30pm Sundays on Showcase.

In August Foxtel announced an 8:30pm Sunday slot for the returning drama, but in late September it had a change of heart and switched plans to 7:30pm. However that was after the deadline for the Foxtel magazine.

This explains why last Sunday it screened at both 7:30 and 8:30 -replaying the same episode the minute it had ended.

That translated to a divided audience of 88,000 and 75,000 instead of a single figure, but the total figure is on par with previous screenings.

In its place is a replay of Feud: Bette & Joan at 8:30pm Sunday.


  1. Thanks for explaining this David. I found it very confusing. Opted to record the 8.30 session as that seemed likely to have less ads, but spent a lot of time trying to figure out when the thing was actually on, it was just so weird! Foxtel’s online guide was not very helpful…

  2. Wow, moving a show and keeping it in the original slot to make it easy for viewers to find it, good effort to Foxtel. We can’t even rely on a show being on the following week let alone same time on FTA.

  3. Yes that was confusing. I used the info button and 7:30 said S3 and 8:30 said S5. S5 is what I wanted.
    I pointed this out on the Foxtel Community website in the Greenroom Blog section. I didn’t get a like for that comment LOL.

    Anyway we enjoyed S5 episode 1 very much and have it on series link now but I will check the time next Saturday just to make sure S/Link info was correct. Series Link is a great innovation imho.

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