Gruen, Hard Quiz, Rosehaven, 7:30 all win Wednesday slots.

Ratings: Viewers are switching off commercial network offerings and heading to ABC.

However you try to spin it last night was another crappy one for commercial broadcasters….

ABC once again slammed down commercial competition, with even 9pm’s Rosehaven outranking anything they had to offer from 7:30pm.

Hard Quiz and 7:30 won the early evening battle at 678,000 / 589,000 respectively, upstaging Instant Hotel, Family Food Fight and Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food, sending a clear message viewers are dissatisfied with current offerings.

At 8:30pm Gruen climbed even higher at 840,000 (with Rosehaven next best at 598,000), ahead of The Secret Daughter, a Fast & Furious movie, The Mosque Next Door and Sisters -last in its slot. Gruen also topped the demos last night.

If there was any good news for commercial broadcasters it was to be found in early evening with wins by Seven News, The Chase and A Current Affair -and a shoutout to Home and Away as the night’s top drama. At least they helped Seven & Nine push ahead in primary channel share.

Seven network won Wednesday with 28.4% then Nine 27.6%, ABC 20.3%, TEN 15.0% and SBS 8.6%.

Seven News was #1 with 963,000 / 933,000 for Seven then Home and Away (671,000), Instant Hotel (583,000), The Chase (531,000 / 324,000) and The Secret Daughter (512,000). The Grand Tour drew 165,000.

Nine News (880,000 / 857,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (743,000), Family Food Fight (502,000) and Hot Seat (462,000 / 260,000). Movie: Fast & Furious 7 was 307,000.

Gruen (840,000), ABC News (721,000), Hard Quiz (678,000), Rosehaven (598,000) , 7:30 (589,000), The Letdown (361,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (181,000) comprised ABC’s night.

The Project (449,000 / 310,000) led for TEN then TEN Eyewitness News (438,000), Family Feud (332,000) and Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food (331,000). Sisters was 251,000 and Madam Secretary was 146,000.

On SBS it was Birth of Empire: The East India Company (273,000), The Mosque Next Door (254,000), Riviera (132,000) and SBS World News (131,000).

ABC2’s Octonauts led multichannels with 236,000.

Sunrise: 292,000
Today: 259,000
News Breakfast: 79,000 / 48,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 8 November 2017

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    1. Usually this type of film is an insult to the subject matter and anyone who is even moderately knowledgeable about it but Trevorrow’s hokey mess was also an insult to the legacy established by the first 3 films. The animals depicted in this film were sci-fi monsters, not dinosaurs.

      I fully expect that the next film in the series will feature “dinos” with guns and rocket launchers mounted on them.

  1. As for the ABC beating Commercial Networks well thats because there isnt any worth watching on Commercial FTA. All of ABC’s Wednesday offerings are interesting in some way shape or form. I personally love Gruen, the show is still good after almost a decade.

  2. i hope that Hugh Laurie reprises his role as House for this Show at least for one episode sort of like there is a disease and no one can solve it so they call him. From the promos they said this show was created by the same person who created house.

  3. I would put a different spin on this. I think ABC would have pulled similar numbers even if the comm chs had better offerings/ratings, I think folk are migrating to streaming services. Watching something on Stan or nflix is a much better experience than a comm ch rammed with adverts. Last night for us was..Project, Jamie O (one of his best series imo), Gruen then Good Behaviour on Stan. Previous night was less fta..

    1. Not always a direct comparison but Hard Quiz and Rosehaven are both up on the numbers they were getting this time last year. Gruen wasn’t on.

      However, I agree with your premise that more people are turning off commercial FTA and going to streaming rather than switching over to ABC. Last night was a streaming night for me. Tonight will be a catch-up night as I prefer Gruen XL and, ironically, that’ll go nicely with some other delayed, ad-free programming.

  4. Sisters is a pretty good show, worth watch for Barry Otto alone. The trouble with The Secret Daughter is it relies 100% on Jessica Mauboy’s likability. Spending a few dollars on a script and a supporting cast wouldn’t hurt.

      1. Yes, Barry is brilliant as always -more than a touch of Barry Mackenzie about his character.
        The cast is very good but am also not fully sold on the concept… maybe trying a little too hard to be “clever and ironic.”

    1. Agree about Secret Daughter relying purely on Jess’s charisma/likeability.
      Watched the first ep last year and the script/”acting” by most of the cast was so lightweight I gave up on it…

        1. You mean the “Merry Puntmas” ones…yes…vey annoying…however I time shift all my viewing so I never have to put up with them, have just heard them in the background occasionally.

          1. That “Merry Puntmas” ad is the absolute pits.
            So moronic and that dopey voice makes me want to throw something at the screen.

    1. Have given up on commercial FTA during daytime thanks to back-to-back funeral insurance ads., and primetime, except for The Good Doctor, thanks to the endless gambling ads, particularly on Prime. They need to run 2 or 3 different ones in every break to fit them in (TAB, Nerds, Ladbrokes, William Hill, SportsBet, etc.) then have an “update” in the News, masquerading as part of the news when it’s actually a paid gambling ad – like their Flight Centre “travel update”.

      1. They now consider that enough time has elapsed since the Tom Waterhouse fiasco. They always knew that if they shut him up short-term, they could push more advertising through the backdoor longer-term.

      1. And didn’t air until nearly 9pm last night! After promoting all week at 8:45pm. Also changed the day. Just because of The Good Doctor’s success. Very very disappointing. It’s a really nice drama. Over 900k for debut last year wasn’t it.

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