The Grand Tour: behind the scenes

Clarkson, Hammond & May attempt a new segment as an alternative to last year’s ‘Celebrity Brain Crash,’ before deciding better.

The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime Video on 8 December.

Behind the scenes of The Grand Tour Season 2, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May talk about what to do with celebrities and Celebrity Brain Crash. Does that mean it’s not coming on then?


  1. AFAIK not a single “celebrity” has set foot inside the tent and the joke is wearing thin. Changing the “test” driver will invalidate the scoreboard. A “star in half a car” segment?
    Pitching the tent in a new city each week seems wasted for just a few topical jokes. The “common” touch seems missing, the commuting in peak period race, traversing the countries “Spaghetti Junction”, the idiosyncrasies of the local traffic rules, the public transport vs car race, making yourself understood without using English, etc.
    I would like to see Jeremy’s face when Elon Musk drives his new electric sports car around the test track.
    The show is made for the US market, so making foreigners look stupid is the prime target.

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