Update: Liar, The Blacklist, Good Doctor, Chicago Justice

A few alerts to help ensure you don't miss a thing.

A few alerts to help ensure you don’t miss a thing….

Seven is replaying both the first and second episodes of The Good Doctor tonight from 9:45pm, ahead of episode 3 tomorrow.

Nine has made a late change tonight with a double episode of Chicago Justice, also at 9:45. Another double airs next week.

Next Monday Seven has a double episode of Liar at 8:40pm, with two more to conclude a week later (I just binged them on the weekend, very enjoyable). Instant Hotel moves to Monday – Wednesday, with The Wall on Sundays.

The Blacklist is also back next Monday from 10:40pm on Seven with Season 5 Episode 6 “The Travel Agency.”

Of course, that is provided there aren’t any other changes.

…oh and Family Guy is 11pm this Thursday because it is rated MA.

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  1. Probably good having a catch-up for the Good Doctor as it did create chatter so likely get more people in. Not so sure about two episodes a week though as only 6 have aired in the US with them having a break this week and returning November 13th and 20th to go on break again, meaning those two episodes will air on November 21st and 23rd and that will be it (until after Thanksgiving in the US no doubt). Given the Good Doctor has pulled good ratings it seems a number of people haven’t streamed it by other means or downloaded it. So may have been better off playing it once a week (with a catch-up on 7Two or 7Flix), plus still would have caught the US eventually though keeping it going with out it not being on air

    There have been times airing shows a couple of times a week have killed a show off, Once Upon A Time is one of them and two new episodes of Criminal Minds each week saw it’s…

    1. Seven can show the 8 eps as 2×4 fitting them all in before the last week of our ratings season, or 2,2,2,1,1 if they want an extra week. The rest of the season will air from the middle of Feb next year. There is no problem. Playing it once a week we would likely only get 5 eps now, with 3 held over till Feb.

    1. Good Doc launched on Tue and was then due to play Thursdays only. After it became a hit Seven decided to keep it Tues / Thu. So the replay tonight is to bring others up to speed. I guess hey could have done it elsewhere, I am presuming your point is new content on primary channel.

    2. There were repeats at other times. But they are also repeating them on Monday night as well, so that people who only watch TV at night early in the week can see the first eps. They want to keep the numbers from falling.

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