Auditions: Escape from the City

ABC is hunting for people seeking a sea-change or a tree-change for a new lifestyle series.

ABC is planning a new lifestyle series, Escape from the City, to be produced by FremantleMedia Australia.

The series currently hunting for people seeking a sea-change or a tree-change in 2018.

Each 60 minute episode explores our nations obsession with property by following Australians of all ages as they make the life changing move that sees them packing up their homes, saying goodbye to the city and moving to coastal and regional towns, the bush or the country-side.

From beach-side shacks perched on the cliffs in Victoria, to terraced houses in country towns in need of renovation and onto the bushland retreats on the edges of the Northern Queensland rainforest, each week, our property-mad hosts will take one couple on the house hunt of their dreams. Taking into account their needs, desires and budget, our hosts will scour the country and present each couple with four homes, with hopefully one becoming their dream home. Will the couples find love at first sight? Or will they be surprised to discover that the house they love the most is the one they would never have expected?

Along the way they sample local delights and visit local attractions to get a feel for the area they are planning on moving to. With plenty of up to date property information for people with all sized homes and budgets, Escape from the City will whisk the audience away on a viewing extravaganza as they imagine themselves house hunting along with each couple.

You can apply here.

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