Simon Francis to depart Seven

Seven has another key member of its team leaving with Seven Director of Corporate Affairs Simon Francis to depart.

Describing his exit as “the end of an era,” The Australian notes Francis as a “ferocious spin doctor and unrivalled launcher” who has been with the network for more than 2 decades. Francis has been a key component of (Kerry) Stokes’ “ruthless executive team,” it suggests.

Certainly his passion, vigilance and late work hours is the stuff of legend amongst journalists. I’ve had more than a few robust exchanges (including some over reader comments!) but always returning to the trenches for friendly fire. It’s been fun….

His departure follows the resignation of Director of Production Brad Lyons this week, and previously Bridget Fair, Group Chief – Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, set to run the industry group Free TV Australia in the new year.

But first Francis still has 1 more round of annual ratings press releases to send far and wide, in which Seven will claim the year yet again.


  1. End of an era indeed, Seven have made it well known they and nobody else are Number 1 the past eleven years. Change can be a good thing for networks, particularly given the rapidly changing television environment.

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