Returning: Grey’s Anatomy

Season 14 begins on Seven next week.

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy your show is back next week on Seven’s primary channel.

It returns 10pm Tuesday January 30 with a double episode premiere.

“Break Down The House / Get Off The Pain”
Meredith and the team are focused on helping Owen’s sister after her shocking return. Later, Jo makes a surprising choice regarding Alex.

These episodes aired in the US in September.

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  1. Well, wife and I have been bingeing on Grey’s Anatomy DVDs having passed the show by when originally screened.
    Currently halfway through S9.
    It’s an impressive show – so unlike other medical dramas and has a nice David E Kelley feel to it. We’ll just record S14 and catch up with it when we catch up to it. But I’m glad 7’s brought it back to the main channel.
    Mr K, any word on The Blacklist returning?

      1. Sometimes I think you have too much sympathy for programmers.

        Its yet to air in its new timeslot so let’s see what happens when it does and the decisions 7 programmers will make going forward. Its a good thing for viewers if they prove me wrong but past history tells me that might not happen.

        1. Really? As a site that demonstrates a long history of calling Programming to account on behalf of viewers this surprises me. At the moment the topic is the returning TX not how it plays out across the season. Viewers play a key part in that equation.

          1. But an airdate to a season on the commercials tells a viewer how a show might play out across the season. Its not a static thing. A show is also more likely to keep a timeslot on a multichannel than on main. Where not talking abc or sbs where they pick a timeslot and play it out regardless what happens.

          2. Seven and SBS will often launch a drama in an earlier slot (sometimes via doubles) as profile before it settles into later slot. PVRs and Timeshifting are a big part of current landscape in Drama too. But it is unrealistic to expect a network to keep a schedule if viewers do not turn up. In any case I think it is worth acknowledging Seven has responded to criticisms GA was only accessible on 7flix. Sometimes it is a case of damned if do / don’t.

          3. I liked the previous timeslot and I didn’t expect to end up with all this commentary. Its become a no win situation and I’m moving on.

  2. In this day and age fast tracking should be the norm – especially for a well established show – rating well or not. You won’t lose viewers by fast tracking, but you will by delaying – even though its harder to download illegally now, there are still many who give up or don’t bother after reading spoilers or see it overseas first like some of the commenters here.

    My wife was seriously contemplating a trip to the US for a few days so she could binge watch this seasons’ episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and This Is Us while over there (plus a few other shows yet to air here…). Yes, some people are that dedicated to the shows they love!

    1. Which reminds me – I remember watching Downton Abbey before its Australian premiere on a flight to China about 5 years ago – I knew it was “coming soon” to Seven at the time so watched it first and ad-free (after the first 3 minutes of mostly Chinese car ads) during the flight. They only had ep 1 & 2 available.

    2. I was actually thinking the opposite to your wife. I thought since its already been delayed so much I was seriously contemplating not watching it on 7 and holding out for the library to get the DVD and do a binge watch in a few days later in the year. My line of thought was that I’m so tired of dealing with the merry go round and delays that is 7’s treatment of greys and I’ve already seen a spoiler unintentionally that it would be better to take 7 out of the equation even if it meant I had to wait a bit longer. So I checked if the library had it and realised they hadn’t been purchasing later seasons (which isn’t a bad thing because I would rather they purchased content not available on free to air) so unfortunately that’s not option. So I’m now stuck dealing with 7s treatment of greys which will be worse now as its moved back to the main channel.

      I wonder what happens if no…

  3. I’ve been over in the US for business and managed to binge the first 8 episodes in one day, will be good to finally debrief with other fans who have been patiently waiting for it to air here

  4. Thank you David. Whoohoo!

    We finally get 7Flix in regional centres and it’s back in the main channel. Go figure?? Pity it’s doubles though, but at least it’s not three in a row on 7Flix I couldn’t invest that much time a week.

    1. Yes.
      700 H&A
      730 MKR
      900 Good Dr
      1000 GA x2
      Yes, thinking Good Dr will be 915ish, meaning GA will be closer to a 1010-1015 start.
      Not too bad a schedule given its non ratings season (different discussion for a different time). I’m not sure if the Winter Olympics will impact on 7’s scheduling or not so this 10pm Mon move may only be temporary, time will tell.

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