Andrea Demetriades scores US pilot

Another Aussie has scored a US pilot.

Andrea Demetriades (Pulse, Janet King, Squinters) has been cast in CBS pilot Murder, featuring Michael Chiklis, Teyonah Parris, Leonard Roberts, Luna Lauren Velez and Pallavi Sharda.

Based on the UK miniseries, this new take on the investigative drama explores crime through the unique and often-conflicting perspectives of cops and killers, witnesses and victims, friends and family.

Shot like a true-crime documentary, the series invites the audience inside the emotional journey of an investigation, allowing them to discern the truth and judge the suspects’ guilt or innocence for themselves.

Demetriades will play Raquel Bennett, a Legal Aid defence attorney, who’s both highly skilled and deeply passionate about advocating for her clients. A formidable opponent in court, she never goes down without a fight, but her magnetic personality makes even her legal opponents enjoy facing her at trial.

Source: Deadline


  1. Glass Portcullis

    It seems like everywhere I’ve turned in the last couple of years Andrea’s been cast in something. She was brilliant in ‘Seven Types of Ambiguity’ too. As troy_story says, good luck to her!

    Have we seen the UK version of this here, David?

  2. She’s an actress that has steadily risen in my books over the last few years. Always impressive in any role she’s taken on. Good on her and good luck!

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