I’m a Celebrity final hits new low

Ratings: Success for Fiona O'Loughlin but this season has been tough for TEN and it shows in the finale figures.

Fiona O’Loughlin’s jungle triumph was a warmly-received win, but I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has drawn its lowest finale figures across 4 seasons.

Last night the bulk of the Finale Part 2 averaged 684,000 viewers, down 300,000 on 2017’s 989,000 average. The audience was highest in Melbourne and fared better in the older, not younger, demos. Overall it was soundly beaten by Married at First sight on 1.26m viewers and MKR‘s 926,000.

But when O’Loughlin won it was after 9pm so technically the Winner Announced figure wins its slot at 804,000 ahead of Four Corners, Travel Guides and The Resident.  The 804,000 is also an all-time low, well down on 2017’s 1.06m.

Broadly speaking the end of a long weekend (in 2 cities) usually translates as higher figures. That’s just what happened for Nine News at a 2018 high ahead of Seven News (while morning TV was well down).

ACA and The Chase won their slots.

Nine network won Monday with 29.8% then Seven 28.0%, ABC 18.2%, TEN 17.7% and SBS 6.2%.

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine with 1.26m viewers then Nine News (1.00m / 974,000), A Current Affair (917,000), Travel Guides (666,000) and Hot Seat (494,000 / 294,000). Better Late than Never was 170,000. 100% Footy was 86,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News (981,000 / 945,000) was best for Seven then My Kitchen Rules (926,000), Home and Away (660,000), The Chase (552,000 / 351,000) and The Resident (433,000 / 310,000).

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (804,000 / 684,000) topped TEN’s night then The Project (557,000 / 354,000), TEN Eyewitness News (451,000) and Law & Order: SVU (412,000 / 149,000). Family Feud was 287,000.

ABC News (766,000), Four Corners (698,000), 7:30 (641,000), Media Watch (617,000), Q&A (447,000) and Think Tank (190,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was River Cottage Australia (207,000), Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (199,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (183,000) and SBS World News (129,000).

ABC KIDS-own Peppa Pig topped multichannels with 164,000.

Sunrise: 227,000
Today: 224,000
News Breakfast: 88,000 / 47,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 12 March 2018


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  1. I only watched 10 minutes of the show this year.. so over these shows year after year after year! I now find my brain dying and have been gravitating towards ABC and SBS now… the main channels have gone to crap.

  2. David-how did ‘Buffy’ do on 11 please? Saw that it had been reframed to 6×9 from the original 4×3 screen ratio-looked bad as the framing was wrong and it only served to show the budget limits on the 1st season of the show.

  3. The finale had no drama, no bitching, no nastiness, nothing nasty at all. It reminded me of the feel good Masterchef Australia. The contestants are all super nice, super supportive and super friendly. Unlike shows like MAFS and MKR. The only problem I have with IACGMOOH and especially the finale was how much they dragged it out. I know it is live but there was no reason for them to go to a lengthy ad break when Julia got the envelope. Having said that – I have noticed almost every reality TV show suffers this problem. Survivor Australia also needs to be edited better. Both shows have excellent technical qualities but the editing needs to be improved. I did enjoy IACGMOOH and hope there is a 5th season.

  4. As i’ve said before, Celeb desperately needs a revamp. It’s just been pure laziness from the producers to rest on the laurels of past success & have everything the same going into a 4th season, the same set, uniforms, cut scenes, theme music, camp etc etc. Oh & the same dumb jokes, only this time they rarely seemed to be funny. Julia’s zaniness is wearing a bit thin too.
    I also believe the ridiculous amount of advertising per episode must be having a negative impact on ratings, I’m pretty sure there was quite a bit more than last year.. By week 3 i was time shifting it but then had to be careful i didn’t accidentally see who was voted out in subsequent promos or cross over spots before catching up. I dare say many viewers would rather timeshift because of the ads too but then might just give up bothering to follow through watching.

    1. I enjoy this show. It does have some “new show” hiccoughs, but is starting to settle nicely. It needs to start thinking about reducing the explanations of how each round works. I suspect that the think tankers will start to become stars in their own right – I now find myself telling the contestant which one to pick, because I know their strengths. Loving Bruce, Gurm, Emma. Rachel and Caroline.

  5. Would be nice for CBS/Ten to bring back Big Brother next year. We’re currently watching the Canadian one and makes us wish we had it back on TV here in Australia. It would be cheaper (?) to make then I’m A Celeb, has a loyal fanbase and new ones who would watch it, would generate a lot more social media buzz then Im A Celeb and would fill a nice void. Strip it 7pm though, bring Project forward, Friday Night Games after Living Room.

    1. I agree! I just hope channel 9 didn’t destroy the BB brand too much. go back to basics… Uncut, up late.. 24/7 live streaming…. plenty of alcohol! Live Friday night games… I wouldn’t even mind Gretel Killeen coming back and maybe Mike Fitzy and Bree. I’m actually shocked there has only ever been 1 season of celebrity BB in Australia.

  6. I reckon next season, should there be one, they should run a competition to have a viewer/s enter the jungle. Allows viewer engagement and will add a new dimension to the show.

  7. I guess Ten thought having unpopular celebs like Tomic, Mundine and the Oldfields would give the show the bitchiness and disgusting behaviour that MKR and MAFS offer viewers. Once these undesirables were evicted, the show was left with a lot of really nice people. What a shame that a show that featured rally nice people rated less than a ‘cooking’ show with lots of catty women and a ‘dating’ show with lots of catty women and nasty men. Oh well – Ten should rate well with Bachelor in paradise. There’s gonna be lots of catty women and nasty men on that show. Good lord how much lower will Australian television sink?

  8. I’ve been a regular viewer of I’m A Celebrity since day dot, used to be The Biggest Loser. I really got in to the last number of seasons, even when a season went on and started to look/get tired, it was still worth watching. But this year, I only watched a few weeks and then flaked off, it was just boring. Plain and simple. There was no spark, the celebrities ranged from just okay to terrible and the biggest draw card (which I’d have watched right through) Bernard Tomic left after a couple of nights. What even was that!? The casting just didn’t work. I liked Danny, Josh, Peter, Fiona and Kerry though. This season wasn’t exciting, no buzz or charisma. Biggest isn’t always the way, but that seems to have worked previous seasons, so maybe Ten need to splash the cash again?

    1. The combination of celebrities will always be a gamble for the producers, complicated by who is available and/or willing to do it. Sometimes it will work beyond their dreams, other seasons will be flat like this one. Next year’s could be very different. I just hope they don’t try to ramp it up by using all nasty people.

  9. Definitely a lack of buzz & appeal for I’m A Celeb this season. Not at all helped by two of its biggest stars bailing early. No reason to keep watching – lackluste season meant lacklustre ratings. I’m sure those contracts will be reviewed for next year. Meanwhile, it means Bach in Paradise is one step closer – now that’s going to be exciting. Tough 2 weeks ahead before then.

  10. Once Seven starts double eps of a US series that doesn’t finish till after 11, you know it doesn’t have a long life. The Resident is the current example.

    1. That’s why I have stopped. Given I have other shows I am committed to this has been dropped off my list. Two episodes a week filling up my PVR is too much to catch up on when other shows that have one episode a week. Having said that I saw This Is Us is a double this week too. Given I am already invested in that The Resident got dropped. Only so much room on my PVR!

      1. Why don’t 10 advertise “double episode” this week?
        They plug it so much I would have missed this, if not for the comments!
        I am sick of having to check the EPG all the things me fir last minute changes?!?!

    2. 310k for the 2nd episode of The Resident is better than other dramas are getting at 8:30pm competing against MAFS and MKR. Despite being a fairly mediocre medical drama it does have Vancamp and Czuchry and is rating OK for FOX, and given the turmoil with Disney/ABC take over could easily end up part of their 2019 Fall lineup.

  11. I’m a celeb just dragged on last night. Too much talking, reflecting and highlights. 2 hrs that should’ve been 1 hr. But they did bail just 5 seconds after Fiona was announced the winner at 9:25

      1. At our place it was “is it over yet?” Got in trouble for saying my girls could stay up until it finished as my wife was betting on 10pm or later the way it was going. I think EPG said 9.07 which would have been just fine!

        1. My poor kids were the same, youngest gave up & started staggering to bed, I said you are so close, 5 more mins—20 later she was out & we still waiting, tad rediculous

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