Nine, TEN, FOX Sports discuss cricket bid.

Nine, TEN and FOX Sports have had discussions about how cricket could be shared across Free to Air and Subscription TV, according to media reports.

The Australian Financial Review reports bids for the latest cricket deal are due by 5pm today but broadcasters are reluctant to see sports rights keep inflating at unsustainable rates.

A joint bid from Nine and TEN is expected to be worth between $130 million and $150 million annually, or further split with FOX Sports’ involvement.

Cricket Australia is looking for a six-year deal and is said to want at least $150 million annually, or $900 million over the life of the contract, for all the rights.

Seven West Media is looking at a bid, but sources said it was more to make sure its competitors don’t get cricket for a steal, and it was more focused on renewing its Tennis Australia deal.


  1. CA have broken the rights up into 8 separate lots, so everybody can have cricket rights! Nine will want package A (Syd & Melbourne Tests + other Ashes tests (and Women’s matches)) and probably the Int. ODI/T20 package. But as ratings were down and money is tight they will want to pay less. Ten will need the main BBL/WBBL package (feature matches and finals). The still leaves other tests, minor BBL games and other stuff. Foxtel would like some of them, but would have to simulcast with an FTA partner what’s on the anti-syphoning list, reducing its value. There are no separate streaming rights, but there is a highlights package that would suit a streamer. CA plans to expand the BBL further, but that means more low rating games and will deter some of the international journeyman T20 stars. Should be fun.

  2. I was really hoping Ten would grab the lot, with a cash splash from CBS, they really need it, would do great and such a refresh from Nine’s aged and second fiddle coverage in recent years.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    About time that the TV Networks said enough is enough with the rapidly escalating prices for sports rights……What would happen if all the networks said No……but I guess there would always be one network that would not play ball. This would stop the obscene amounts that footballers get paid and perhaps the networks could channel the money into quality drama, instead of leaving it all up to the ABC.

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