Eurovision 2018: Switzerland

ZiBBZ: "Stones"

Eurovision 2018: Semi Final

“Every musician dreams of performing on a stage like this some day. It takes years of work for a moment like this and we plan on enjoying every minute of it”, says indie pop duo ZiBBZ. Siblings Coco and Stee first combined their musical talents in 2008 and have worked together ever since. They describe themselves as soulmates – both on and off stage.

Stones is a spirited song which Coco, 32, and Stee Gfeller, 30, co-wrote with Canadian hit songwriter Laurell Barker. It has a clear message. The siblings shame cowards who bully others, and appeal to us all to let others live the way they want to live. “Bullying stops people from dreaming, from being their true selves, and from really living life. It happens in the school playground, on the internet, and of course putting yourself down is also a form of bullying,” according to ZiBBZ.

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