Show Me the Movie: Apr 19

Guests tonight on Show Me the Movie include Angela Bishop, Jason Byrne, Tahir Bilgi and Lucy Durack.

Our panellists dive right in on Show Me The Movie! tonight at 7.30pm as they spot movie mistakes in iconic films and try their best to translate foreign movie titles.

Clocking up more wins than Meryl Streep, Jane Harber fights to hold her title alongside showbiz reporter Angela Bishop and Irish comic superstar Jason Byrne. Tahir Bilgiç, who will star in TEN’s new comedy series Street Smart later this year, and Lucy Durack, best known for playing Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked, bring their best movie trivia to the table for team captain Joel Creasey.

Tonight our teams attempt to recreate a famous movie trope as they play “In The Line of Fire”. Dressed as Secret Service agents, they each attempt to dive in front of the President to protect him from an incoming bullet.

Could tonight be the first ever win for team captain Joel Creasey?

7:30pm tonight on TEN.


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