Eurovision protester questioned by Portugese police

The man who stormed onto the Eurovision stage to disrupt the UK’s performance is now in the hands of Portuguese police and the European Broadcasting Union has launched an inquiry.

The intruder snatched SuRie’s microphone as she sang her entry Storm and said “All the Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom”.

Reports claim he is Dr A.C, a rapper and political protester who last year stormed the stage during the The Voice UK final and the UK’s National Television Awards in 2018. Northern Irish talk show host Stephen Nolan also claimed the same stage invader crashed his programme last year.

Dressed in a black and red bandana and slogan t-shirt promoting a book available on Amazon, he was taken into police custody shortly after he was rushed off the stage by security guards after interrupting the performance.

The European Broadcast Union, said: “SuRie and her team were offered the option to sing again but decided not to because they were extremely proud of her performance and have decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again.”

While the moment prompted Joel Creasey (and Harry Potter devotee) to tell SBS viewers an “absolute c**khead” had disrupted SuRie he was widely praised by none other than J.K. Rowling who said “I don’t want to hear another word about Australia being in Eurovision ever again.”

Last year a Ukrainian man interrupted Eurovision draped in an Aussie flag and baring his bum.

Source: Telegraph

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