Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: June 27

Julia's guest this week is Dave Faulkner.

Guest this week on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is Hoodoo Gurus frontman Dave Faulkner.

Dave Faulkner, lead singer and songwriter of much-loved band the Hoodoo Gurus, goes back to Western Australia to show Julia some of the pivotal locations of his childhood. They meet in a bar in Fremantle where Dave played keyboards in a duo imaginatively called ‘Dave & I’.

After this inauspicious beginning, Dave joined a string of bands before the punk scene became a game-changer. Then it was off to Sydney where he formed the Hoodoo Gurus.

In a perfectly preserved red and white FC Holden Dave and Julia drive to his old family home in the suburb of Belmont which housed a vibrant, argumentative and idiosyncratic Faulkner family, and where Dave first discovered his love of music. There he tells Julia of his father’s traumatic World War II service, and how he hated rock and roll.

Next, it’s off to Faulkner Park, named after Dave’s uncle, a long time Belmont Councillor. And in the middle of the park, Dave proudly shows Julia the Ruth Faulkner Library, named for his mother, who in her time on the council, successfully lobbied to create a library for the local community.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.

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