Network to discuss Roseanne spin-off

A meeting about a Roseanne spin-off is due to take place on Monday at Disney-ABC following the sudden axing of the hit sitcom.

Sara Gilbert (Darlene), who was the driving force of the 10th season revival, has been actively pitching a rebranded series built around her character, along with producer Tom Werner.

Media reports claim ABC is open to hearing pitches about a way to continue America’s #No. 1 TV show.

But moving forward without Roseanne Barr may prove difficult.

The series was created by Matt Williams and based upon a character created by Barr. Both the original and revived series were produced by Carsey-Werner Productions. But ABC is keen to avoid anything which financially rewards Barr.

Barr has indicated via social media over the past few days that she is ready to fight back. It is unclear whether that would involve litigation but she may mount a legal challenge should a Roseanne spinoff without her proceed.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Deadline


  1. As a fan of the original series and a lukewarm fan of the revival season. the show already kind of revolved around Darlene anyway. I say maybe just rename the show to “The Conners” and just continue on without Roseanne. maybe she died during her knee surgery? One thing that kind of bothered me was they didn’t bring Martin Mull (Leon Carp) back for the revival… maybe he dislikes Roseanne Barr??

  2. I love Roseanne Conner and all of the Conner family. It’s my #1 sitcom of all. Roseanne Barr on the other hand….not keen on her shenanigans this time around. And neither were ABC. Such a shame. I hope the network goes with the Sue Heck spin off from The Middle I read about for the Tuesday at 8 hole they now have not a Roseanne spin off.

  3. Continuing Roseanne without Roseanne would just be seen as ABC backtracking. Although it may be in the interests of the cast and crew, it wouldn’t be in the interests of ABC.

  4. The lady is sorry, she’s human she made a mistake. The media has twisted it all around on what was actually said. People were saying way worst to her on social media, really nasty humans. I, on one hand feel sorry for her not hate. I don’t believe they should of canceled the show because the show has nothing to do with what was said, the other cast members and production were not part of it.

    • Umm. everyone saw it in black and white! what was twisted?? this wasn’t even the first time.. I’m all for freedom of speech by I’m shocked ABC didn’t have someone monitoring her twitter.. she has been spewing hate since 2013 on twitter.. I’m actually shocked this was the red line that finally got her into trouble.

  5. How selfish can Roseanne get? It’s one thing to have all her colleagues out of work because of her behavior, whole new level to stand in the way of them moving on.
    If there was anything genuine about her apology she should abandon any rights she has to the brand.

  6. Maev....Sydney

    I do not see why a series around Darlene cannot work….no need to make or include any reference to Roseanne….I feel Sara Gilbert is a strong enough actor to carry it off quite well.

  7. Barr has a created by credit. Any spin off would need Barr’s permission, to give her at least a credit for based on characters created by, and a percentage. Which would of course violate the principle that anything Barr does, or ever did, is now unairable because of one tweet.

  8. they knew what Barr was like before rebooting the show, get over it and let the show continue, racist people and extremists live in our world. it’s a fact, it’s ugly but it’s a fact, move on

  9. I’ve just seen the last 4 eps of Roseanne elsewhere and they can easily write Roseanne’s character out.

    “Darlene” could stand on her own and the sjow could continue quite easily. Look at Fuller House for example. Yes they do have the continued special guests etc, but that works well. Darlene could go in the same direction.

    Also agree that Johnny Galecki should appear in a few eps, but hard with his commitments.

  10. daveinprogress

    Let’s assume (and it’s a big assumption; given Roseanne’s feisty position) that they navigate a spin off which excludes the titular former lead, the show would have to have enough other elements and characters to give it the sort of frisson that the original and reboot had. Sara Gilbert has proven her acting ability even back in the original series she was Emmy nominated, but can she propel a vehicle? Maybe she could manage a housing commission block or a women’s refuge or like Willen Dafoe’s character in The Florida Project movie, be a hotel manager for a seedy property. This would allow the writers to bring in a cavalcade of other character actors and guest stars that would still give Darlene her chance to shine but not wholly reliant on her. For me, it would need to be a complete breakaway from the family environment of DJ, Becky et al. Not sure whether Laurie Metcalf would fit,…

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