Roseanne tries to claim tweet was not about race

Roseanne Barr has tried to suggest her notorious tweet was actually about anti-Semitism. Good luck with that.

Her original tweet which likened former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to a character from Planet of the Apes was:

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”

That was enough to get her show axed.

Yesterday she tweeted:

She previously tried to blame it all on a side-effect of her Ambien medication, but the company quickly hit back.


  1. Rosanne said Planet of The Apes.That is a B grade SF franchise about white men being stupid, self-destructive and blowing up civilisation and reducing humans to primitive savages without even language. This allowed chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas to learn language and build a civilization as cruel and discriminatory as man’s. The Muslim Brotherhood is radical anti-western Sunni religious and political movement. Jarret grew up in Shiite Iran. It’s not like anything Rosanne has said makes much sense. It’s not hard to believe that she wouldn’t’ have been stupid enough to post that Tweet without chemical assistance.The Left of course just all agreed that a reference to a B grade film that equated humans and apes in behavour and an extremist religious group were code for Racist and all jumped on board. Worked well for them, one more Trump supporter and a show beloved by Trump…

  2. This whole thing was blown massively out of proportion. I don’t really get the perception that if it is implied someone looks like an ape that it is “racist”, a person of any race could be seen to resemble an ape. and Rosanne I gather was referring to the pretty ape Zara. Why can’t people just own things. I’m fat, I’m not going to get offended if someone calls me fat, because it is true and I own it. As well as the cast and crew all fans of the show have suffered because of this harsh decision, and the new series really had potential, like no other reboot I have ever seen.
    Also why it had to be axed in Australia, before we had seen the final eps of the re-booted first season, when the issue was an American one is beyond me. Didn’t Eddie McQuire suffer a backlash for a similar comment five years ago? He apologised and Millionaire Hot Seat is still on air.

    • Disagree with some points. Likening anyone to a “pretty ape” doesn’t excuse the act. As noted before it appears to have ben the final straw for ABC who were dealing with other Barr behaviour, including their own shows / producers ready to make it an issue.

      • I knew you wouldn’t agree on some points David, as I don’t always agree with yours. Thanks for letting me air my point of view on your site anyway, I feel strongly about this and upset about the loss of the show.

      • It wasn’t a pretty ape though. It was an internet meme with a white actress playing an intelligent ape in a big budget Hollywood film juxtaposed with Jarret with a similar coat, scarf and haircut. There is of course another internet meme juxtaposing Rosanne with a similar expression and coat, but that of course can’t be racist. What other bad behaviour, supporting someone who isn’t a democrat. The only reason ABC and anyone else has given for firing Rosanne was the tweet.

    • seantheaussie

      Are you going to say that the, “Muslim Brotherhood” part of the insult was a complement too?

      I realise that calling people fat is exactly the same as racism because of all the anti fat people murders, pogroms and genocide in history. No. Wait…

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

      Calling people of darker skin an Ape or inferring they are has been a way to belittle them and say they are a lesser person for years so it has a mighty sting much like using the N word at them. Much like how in 2008 the Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh called Andrew Symonds a monkey it has a sting in it’s tale, same as why Eddie McGuire had to backtrack when he suggested that AFL player Adam Goodes be used to promote the musical King Kong after Goodes was called an Ape by a spectator.

  3. daveinprogress

    Just when I thought she had got her mix of meds right and she was being reasonable (not standing in the way of her colleagues making a show), she comes out with this nonsense.

  4. So a different form of prejudice makes it ok? Is that what she’s claiming now? She should just stop – it’s done, the moment is over, you stuffed up.

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