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US actor Robert Mandan, best known for Soap, has died.

US actor Robert Mandan, best known for Soap, has died, aged 86.

Mandan passed away in Los Angeles after a long, undisclosed illness, on April 29 but the news has only become public.

Mandan played Chester Tate, the womanising husband of Katherine Helmond’s Jessica, in Soap between 1977 and 1981.

Other TV credits included The Edge of Night, From These Roots, Three’s Company, The Love Boat and Who’s The Boss, General Hospital, ER, Private Benjamin and Days of Our Lives. In his later years, he also took to acting on stage.

In a 1978 interview he joked that he had been in “a lot of gobblers, turkeys,” before his role in Soap. “Suddenly, I am somebody.”

Source: Newsweek

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  1. I loved Soap; one of the most defining shows for me in my teens and played a crucial part in my coming out thanks to Billy Crystal’s ‘Jody’. Robert Mandan’s ‘Chester’ was such a cad but somehow lovable and certainly memorable, so much so that when he showed up as a suitor to Blanche on Golden Girls I wondered what he was doing there! (same creators/executive producers). A funny man with a great screen presence.

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