CBS boss Les Moonves staying put amid allegations

Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves will remain in his role while the board initiates an external investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

Moonves is one of America’s most powerful Television executives, a company man of 23 years who has has had a knack for picking hit shows like Survivor and The Big Bang Theory.

He stands accused of historic allegations by several women who claim they were physically intimidated and that their careers suffered when they refused his advances. The New Yorker article goes on to describe a culture of harassment at CBS, now parent company of TEN.

Moonves has acknowledged there were times decades ago that he may have made some women uncomfortable, but said he never used his position to harm anyone’s career and understood “no” meant “no.”

Wife Julie Chen host of The Talk, said that her previous statement supporting her husband is her only comment on the matter.

“Some of you may be aware of what’s been going on in my life for the past few days,” she said at the opening of the show. “I issued the one and only statement I will ever make on this topic on Twitter. I will stand by that statement today, tomorrow, forever.”

CBS is currently locked in a battle with its parent company National Amusements Inc., led by Shari Redstone, over her desire to recombine the company with Viacom Inc., another family holding. The scandal could hasten the end of a legal fight.

CBS said said there have not been any misconduct claims or settlements against Moonves during his time at the network.

Source: TIME


  1. Its very interesting that his wife Julie Chen, host of the talk, has only that one statement on the many times have they had in depth discussion on her show about sexual allegations? Now that its her husband, she doesn’t want to talk about it.she definitely needs to say more on the matter otherwise her credibility is gone.Colbert on his show made a big statement about the matter and he’s an employee of moonves

  2. If these allegations of Sexual Harassment were so “epic, famous or historically significant” then why aren’t they in history textbooks? I presume you mean “historical” as of in the past.

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