Netflix announces new action series, Wu Assassins.

Netflix has announced a new 10 part action series, Wu Assassins, set in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

The series stars Iko Uwais (Mile 22, The Raid) as Kai Jin, an aspiring chef who becomes the latest and last Wu Assassin, chosen to round up the powers of an ancient triad and restore balance once again.

The multi-talented actor, martial artist and fight choreographer will also serve as producer, lead martial arts choreographer and stunt coordinator.

Byron Mann (Altered Carbon) stars as Uncle Six.

John Wirth (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Falling Skies) is writer and co-executive producer. Stephen Fung will direct the first two episodes.

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  1. It certainly looks like Netflix has recognised Asia as a growing market and Wu Assassins will fit nicely in both Asia and the USA / European markets. Maybe Wu Assassins will show what potential Iron Hand had to offer with a higher quality of martial arts stunts, which viewers come to expect from Hong Kong .

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