Ouch. Nine loses the “un-loseable” week.

This time last year nobody would have predicted Seven to win a ratings week in which Nine had State of Origin and Australian Ninja Warrior.

But that’s just what happened last week.

While it’s hardly Nine’s fault that Origin was a “dead rubber” game with NSW Blues already having won 2 of the 3 matches, it is impossible to overlook that Ninja has fallen dramatically compared to its stellar 2017 numbers. Ninja launched with 929,000 viewers, down some 45% on 2017’s outstanding 1.68m viewers. That suddenly put MasterChef Australia and House Rules within reach of the Nine hit.

While Nine managed a win in Primary share, Seven’s multichannels helped push it over the line in network share.

Despite Nine busting out of the 2018 gates with Married at First Sight, by the halfway point of the TV year, Seven actually has its best Total People share since OzTAM ratings began in 2001 and is leading in 24-54, 18-49 and 16-39 demos -even excluding Commonwealth Games.

Seven: 30.4
Nine: 28.9
TEN: 17.0
ABC: 15.7
SBS: 8.0

Primary channel:
Nine: 20.5
Seven: 20.2
TEN: 12.0
ABC: 11.0
SBS: 5.9

7mate: 4.2
9GO!: 3.7
7TWO: 3.6
ONE: 2.9
9GEM: 2.8
7flix: 2.4
9Life: 1.9
ABC News: 1.6
SBS Food Network: 0.8
ABC ME: 0.5
NITV: 0.2

Nine won Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Seven scored Thursday, Friday & Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Sunday, Friday & Saturday.

Seven was victorious in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. Nine won Sydney & Brissy.

Best brands last week were:

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 1.17m), House Rules (Sun: 836,000), Home and Away (688,000) and The Chase (633,000).

Nine: State of Origin (1.75m), Nine News (Sun: 1.03m), Australian Ninja Warrior (929,000) and A Current Affair (762,000).

TEN: MasterChef Australia (Mon: 832,000), Have You Been Paying Attention? (692,000), The Project (7pm: 511,000) and Shark Tank (486,000).

ABC: Jack Irish (723,000), ABC News (720,000), Back Roads (616,000) and Endeavour (587,000).

SBS: FIFA World Cup (Cro v Eng: 358,000), Robson Green’s Australian Adventure (302,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (270,000) and The Handmaid’s Tale (267,000).



  1. I am one of the ones who has dropped off this year, and it is mainly because it was fun for a season but now it feels same old, same old. Added to the fact that House Rules has my commitment, I didn’t even register that it had started again. Maybe that is because I rarely watch Ch 9 and never saw an ad.

  2. For me the World Cup is on so all I have been watching is the World Cup on optus sport secondly there was no winner last year on ninja so I lost interest ,I mean what’s the point of having a show which no one can win .you need to have a winner .

  3. I’m still loving Aussie Ninja Warrior but I can certainly see why it would get old for some people pretty fast. I think we’ll see a huge boost in the finale like last year.

  4. melaniekelly

    I think Aussie Ninja is quite poorly produced. My family has watched both the US and the Aussie and the Australian version and it just doesn’t come close. That’s the reason for the drop in my opinion.

  5. I am still enjoying ANW, maybe more so this season as there are more women competing and beating the wall – 3 on one night. I feel their elation as they conqueror the wall. The whole show is about each individuals personal struggle with the course, the jubilation when Celeste Dixon beat the wall was priceless.

    I myself was not disappointed that there was no winner last year, it certainly has not stopped my enjoyment of watching the show this year. At least there is no “bitching” going on.

    • Saturday night you mean, 12% share, got the terrible result they desreved. I think it was more ti satisfy sponsors/advertisers, attempting to pick-up more viewers, because of the 40%+ drop off from last year.

      I can’t imagine Nine actually did it thinking it’d rate well and they’d get a good share.

  6. I suspect one of the reasons Ninja hasn’t done as well this year is because there was no “winner” last year. It was such an anticlimax at the time, and a real turn off.

    • I actually think this might be a small part of it. Spartan was such a bad show that was made to look so much like ANW that I think it has put a lot of people off. Combined with everyone getting confused over why there was no winner last year (if they’d researched, or if nine had explained it properly, they’d know that it took 7 seasons to get a winner in the US version).

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