Rove & Micallef turn the tables on TV Tonight

Usually on a red carpet, media are supposed to interview the celebs.

But last week at the Logie Awards Rove McManus and Shaun Micallef had other ideas, so I surrendered my trusty iphone into their hands and here’s what went down.

Rove: 60 Years of the Logies. What does that mean to you, as someone who is such a fan of this medium?
TVT: Good question. We should find a way to celebrate the history of Television.
Rove: Yes.
TVT: I’ve read the Presenters list but I’d like to see more veterans in the mix.
Rove: Especially as it’s 60 Years. I feel there’s been so much talk about the Gold Coast, palm trees that you forget ‘Oh yeah, it’s 60 Years of Logies‘ and what that could mean. So I’m only now thinking about what’s going to happen once we get in.
TVT: Now you’re answering your own question.

Rove: Who is your pick for Gold?
TVT: Tracy is the one to beat.
Rove: Is that from TV Tonight readers?
TVT: No. They’ve picked Amanda.
Rove: I agree with that one. So why do you think Tracy?
TVT: When you look at ‘body of work’ and you look at 2017 as a year of #MeToo, strong women -and I’m not saying Amanda’s not strong- but she also did the Don Burke interview.
Rove: Which itself is nominated.
TVT: But Amanda is the one who could knock her off.

Rove: How do you feel about once we have our list of nominees we now reset the vote and we start again? In previous years whoever was on top of that list would have won, right? But now we’ve reset.
TVT: No they’re added to what’s already there. They’re added on top.
Rove: Is that how it works?
TVT: That’s my understanding.
Rove: I thought we go back to zero?
TVT: It goes on top…. I think.
Rove: Nowwwww it’s interesting!!
(NB: TV Week has since confirmed all votes added)

Rove: Would you like to see an actual host of the night?
TVT: Yeah! That’s what makes the Logies memorable. When Micallef or you are hosting, it gives it character, for me.

Micallef: I saw on your blog you suggested a number of shows that networks could get made. And I notice that one of them was a new version of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation with a host as someone other than me.
TVT: Yes Mr. Micallef because you told me you didn’t want to do it again.
Micallef: I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been on television for the past few weeks?
TVT: But that post was 2 years ago? Keep up!
Micallef: It’s been a while since I’ve looked at it.
TVT: I wanted the show back, I thought ‘There’s more in this but Shaun doesn’t want to do it.’ So who can we get?
Micallef: Well you were wrong weren’t you?
TVT: Yes!
Micallef: And look at Amanda now. She’s hasn’t hosted Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and she’s up for a Gold!
TVT: So whaddo we know? I’m enjoying the show but some of my readers think it isn’t as good as the original.
Micallef: Who are they can you give me their names?
TVT: No Maggie Thatcher, I can’t. But my feeling is, is the memory over-reaching from the reality?
Micallef: Things we were introduced to when we were younger, and more child-like, are treated with more affection than they deserve perhaps, or is warranted. The reality is if people went back and had a look at it, is it’s just a different show. It’s not exactly the same nor should it be. And I’m different. I know how to host that show now. Whereas when I did it for 4 years I didn’t really know what I was doing. But now I’m right on my game!

TVT: So the Logies. I feel you have a love / hate thing with them?
Micallef: I don’t hate them but I don’t love them either. They’re a thing. I have the memory as a child watching Bert thinking he’s the greatest thing in the world. And he is the greatest thing in the world, Bertram. I hope he’s here tonight?
TVT: I believe he is.
Micallef: Have you talked to him?
TVT: No.
Micallef: Well don’t ask him any of the stupid questions, you’ve asked me. Treat him with a bit of respect.
TVT: (Grabbing back iphone) I’ll take that away from you now….

And with that he proceeded to photo-bomb Osher Gunsberg & Ali Oetjen which an amused Osher described as “The greatest moment of my TV career!”


  1. Perhaps us readers could ask a question about TvTonight as well?? If you are willing of course. How did TvTonight start? How did it come to be?

  2. seantheaussie

    “Well don’t ask him any of the stupid questions, you’ve asked me. Treat him with a bit of respect.”

    lol. A very good shot.

    I saw a little of Generation while I was in hospital and I don’t see the attraction, although Micallef stepping on his own fruit portrait genitals was somewhat bizarre/amusing.

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