Hans ready to make America Glitter Again

Adelaide’s very own cabaret artiste, Hans (aka journo Matt Gilbertson) appears in his America’s Got Talent quarter final this week, after wowing judges and crowds with his camp accordion work.

Hans has taken to Facebook to muster up all the public votes he can get, including from Australia.

“Vote online via two different URLs, nbc.com/agtvote and xfinity.com/agtvote” he urges./ “You can vote TEN TIMES per email. So if you vote using both URLs, that is 20 votes. Also if you log in with other email addresses, you can vote even more times. Call the toll free number* that will be posted after I perform on August 28! Or download the America’s Got Talent app: nbc.com/AGTapp.

“The more ways you vote, the better my chances are of staying in the competition!”

You can catch his performance when the episode airs on FOX8 on Thursday night at 7:30pm.

Chookas, Hans!

*may not be toll free in Australia!

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