GLOW writer for producers’ conference

Sascha Rothchild will be a keynote speaker at Screen Forever in November.

GLOW co-executive producer and writer Sascha Rothchild will be a keynote speaker at producers conference Screen Forever in November.

The Netflix series is notable for having women feature as most of the cast, crew, writers and showrunners.

“With writers and showrunners such as Sascha on the rise, the rich diversity of storytelling and female driven productions is set to accelerate with pace. We are thrilled to be able to share Sascha’s experience and expertise with the Australian screen industry at Screen Forever,” said SPA CEO Matthew Deaner.

“When I started out, most TV writers’ rooms were filled with 10 men and maybe one woman. Now it seems things are slowly but amazingly shifting. The shift into cable and streaming has allowed for more opportunities for female creatives and women are ready to take them and are thriving at it,” Rothchild said.

Screen Forever takes place in Melbourne from 20 – 22 November.

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