Andrew Lincoln pens Walking Dead farewell letter

The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln has penned a farewell letter in materials released to press, ahead of his on-screen exit.

The kit came with a photo of Lincoln. On the back of the photo was a one-page letter from the UK actor outlining his nine years on the zombie drama.

Here is an excerpt….

Thank you…

For coming with us on this journey.

For the nine years of fear, heartache, anger and, let’s face it, guts you’ve shown by making it through these 115 episodes and counting. And for services to journalism that go way beyond any civilised levels of human endurance.

For understanding that despite the high volume of undead, this is actually an ongoing story about what it is to be alive. A story of hope, family and friendship. People with nothing in common discovering that they have everything in common. United in their search for humanity and a place to call home. A story that has perhaps even more relevance now than it did when we began.

It’s been the most exciting, challenging and satisfying role of my career—and for the best part of a decade, the greatest adventure of my professional life. This season feels like the show I fell in love with all those years ago, and the world we were always heading toward when we wrapped the pilot episode.

He adds:

It’s been a wild ride, shaped by the relationship the show and the fans of the show, and in no small part you good people of the press.

I look forward to following your coverage of the show and my friends in Atlanta for seasons to come—what they have planned is quite incredible.

So thank you.

For all of it.

For the good, the bad… and of course, we wouldn’t be a free press… without the ugly.

Until our paths cross again.

Keep Calm and Carry a Red Machete…

Andrew Lincoln

“What Comes After” will air in Australia on Monday November 5. The synopsis for the episode reads, “Rick is forced to face the past as he struggles to maintain the safety of the communities and protect the future he and Carl envisioned.”

Source: Insider

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