Airdate: The Flash / Arrow / Supergirl crossover

DC crossover event, introducing Ruby Rose as Batwoman, comes express with special timeslots.

A Flash, Arrow, Supergirl crossover event, introducing Ruby Rose as Batwoman, is confirmed for FOX8 in early December.

Screening express from the US, this will entail special timeslots for one week only.

The event will kick off 8:30pm Monday December 10, with a special airing of The Flash (replacing Supergirl).

The crossover continues 8:30pm Tuesday with Arrow (swapping times with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which will be at 9:30pm), and then concludes on Wednesday December 12, with Supergirl at 8:30pm.

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  1. I love how the shows have to play musical chairs when it comes to the crossovers. Its the same in the US too so its not just FOX8 doing it… shouldn’t that come into consideration when they plan the schedule for the shows so they don’t have to do that?

    Thanks for the info David!

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