Australian Media Hall of Fame: 2018 inductees

Journalists including Ray Martin, Derryn Hinch, Geraldine Doogue and Steve Pennells are amongst those inducted into the Australian Media Hall of Fame.

Others include cameramen Neil Davis and David Brill, magazine queen Dulcie Boling, crime reporter John Silvester and the late Andrew Olle.

The 48 are:

Joe Alexander, Bert Lillye, Charles Bean, Douglas Lockwood, Dulcie Boling, Hugh Lunn, Jim Bowditch Catherine Martin, Ted Bray, Ray Martin, David Brill, Ken May, Charmian Clift, Keith McDonald, Bob Cronin, Maxine McKew, James Cruthers, Bill Mitchell, Gay Davidson, Paul Murray, Neil Davis, John Newfong, Geraldine Doogue, Pat Oliphant, Shirley Stott Despoja, Andrew Olle, John B.Fairfax, Steve Pennells, Ian Fitchett, Alan Reid, Peter Game, Paul Rigby, Michael Gordon, Gerard Ryle, Max Harris, Howard Sattler, Derryn Hinch, John Silvester, Les Hinton, Trevor Sykes, Adelie Hurley, Hedley Thomas, Ken Inglis, Jack Waterford, George Johnston, Don Whitington, Tony Koch and Marian Wilkinson.

The Australian Media Hall of Fame seeks to demonstrate the importance and public benefit of journalism in the face of threats from digital disruption and political interference.

“The achievements of these extraordinary men and women shows the abiding importance of great journalism for our democracy and why we should celebrate and defend it,” Melbourne Press Club CEO Mark Baker said.

The Advisory Panel for this year’s nominations was former editor of The Age Michael Smith, former editor-in-chief of The Australian Chris Mitchell, media historian Bridget Griffen-Foley of Macquarie University and Mike Bowers, photographer-at-large for The Guardian.

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