rage: Todd Rundgren

Veteran US rocker Todd Rundgren is guest programmer on rage this weekend.

A pioneer in the music industry, Todd Rundgren is hard to describe in just one word. He’s a singer/songwriter, a pop star, a prog-rock and electronic music innovator, an award-winning producer and a brilliant music video maker, we could go on.

After leaving his garage rock band Nuzz in 1969, Rundgren had huge Top 40 success upon the release of his first solo album, Something/Anything?. The singles “I Saw The Light”, “Hello It’s Me” from the LP as well as the later “Bang The Drum All Day” became instant classics for the talented writer.

Having conquered the charts, his next few projects saw the Philadelphia musician explore the new genre of electronic music in his 1973 LP A Wizard, A True Star and making prog-rock history with his band Utopia.

In his sixty-year career, he’s produced albums for Meat Loaf, Cheap Trick, Grand Funk Railroad among others. He’s been on the forefront of technology both in music and computer software releasing the first ever interactive CD. Plus, he’s been a pioneer in music videos with 1983’s “Time Heals” premiering as one of the first videos on the then brand new MTV music show. So, it’s no surprise that he’s lined up a great weekend of viewing for you.

Saturday November 3 from 10am and again at 12:05am on ABC.

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