The Drum on the move

ABC has announced programming changes for 2019 under is News division.

ABC has announced programming changes for 2019 under is News division.

The Drum is moving from 5pm to 6pm, with hosting shared by both Julia Baird and Ellen Fanning.

It will run for an hour from leading into the 7pm News, and to be replayed at 7pm AEDT on the ABC News channel.

The change follows ABC attempting to revamp the 6pm slot this year with Think Tank but abandoning plans for lifestyle series Escape from the City.

Meanwhile Patricia Karvelas takes on an expanded role from 4pm weekday afternoons on the ABC News channel, with interviews and analysis of politics and national affairs.

From 8pm to 9:45pm on ABC News Jeremy Fernandez and Karina Carvalho cover the main stories of the day at home and abroad.

ABC’s 2019 Content Launch takes place in Melbourne this afternoon.

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  1. Does this mean that Patricia Karvelas will no longer be presenting Drive on RN? I will miss her on that show. Looks like Stan Grant is missing too, but I am happy about that as I have never been able to find his style of interview interesting.

    Maybe ABC should admit they got it wrong……..and bring back Lateline.

  2. No apparent recognition that ‘The Drum’ is first broadcast on ABC 24 at 15.00 hrs WA time and then repeated several times-also subject to different slots according to the vagaries of daylight savings time in any specific location-recording it and skipping unengaging parts as well as ‘fast forward one’ setting cuts down the running time if your recorder allows it.

  3. Noooooooooooo, why are they doing this? It was bad enough when they extended the Drum from 30 mins to 45 mins this year. now they want it to go an hour & start later. I have enough trouble getting all my shows watched as it is. And 6.00 is a really bad time, they should make it 5.00. And an hour. Why do they need an hour?

        1. What exists is debate between the multicult promoting globalist left, and the multicult promoting globalist right… weighted far more to the former than the latter. That there are other opinions, and that neither of the above stock opinions expresses the majority position of the Australian born population is of no concern to the globalists that run the ABC – all that matters is the agenda.

        2. Hmmm…. I have, isn’t debate or testing issues, it is a circle of virtue with the occasional soft right Liberal. No one who will challenge the ABC’s early evening audience is ever on it.

        3. The shows tries to get commentators from the left and the right. However, as Baird stated in an SMH op-ed they have trouble getting quality centre-right commentators on because they get severly abused by the ABC’s twitter audience. Sky News is also restricting it’s staff from appearing. There are a lot more left wing op-ed columnists and lobbyist prepared to front up, especially during the silly season once Daylight Savings starts. Then it usually one left wing host and 3 left wing panelists all agreeing with each other. Last week Newspoll showed only 15% strong want a republic, and they all agreed that radical constitutional change was inevitable, as long as the left wing media just spun it correctly.

        1. The ABC does have its own political commentary thread such as accepting climate change and bringing refugees to Australia from Manus Island, the energy debate, these are political discussions that do not tend to favour the government, as anyone who also watched the former Lateline will know.

          1. There is nothing like the Drum or QandA having a 4 lefties versus 1 conservative mix. Most prominent conservative commentators give these shows a miss merely because of the stacking and, in QandA’s case, the gotcha moments.

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