SBS reveals first 4 Eurovision contenders

Singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke, indie pop band Sheppard, tenor Mark Vincent and soul duo Electric Fields are he first 4 acts who will compete in Eurovision: Australia Decides in February.

10 artists will compete to represent Australia in Tel Aviv, Israel, next May.

Sheppard said: “We’re excited at the prospect of representing Australia in what feels like the pop music Olympics. The fact that this is the first time the show has ever taken part in Australia and letting the public decide who gets to go to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is really exciting for us. It will be an historic television event that we look forward to being a part of!”

Kate Miller-Heidke said: “I’ve never done anything like this before. I do feel vulnerable putting myself out there in a competitive setting. I’m trying to ignore that element, and thinking of it as a very eclectic celebration of Australian music. I think there will be a lot of solidarity amongst the performers.”

Mark Vincent said: “This opportunity to compete in Eurovision – Australia Decides means everything to me. I’ve been a Eurovision fan since I was young and love the incredible voices and talents that have emerged. I’m going to bring everything I’ve got to the stage. I’ve been working my entire life for this moment, and I can’t wait to perform for you.”

Electric Fields said: “The Eurovision Song Contest is the Olympics of camp! It’s a flamboyant spectacle and we’re excited to be part of the first ever Eurovision selection show on home soil. We want to tell a story on stage with fierce energy that will hopefully shoot through the cameras and out of the TV screens at home.”

Blink TV and SBS confirmed over 700 songs were submitted for consideration. Shortlisted songs are currently in the process of being matched with artists.

Myf Warhurst, and Joel Creasey will host the event at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in February.


  1. Very excited to see Sheppard in the line up. I’ve been telling my friends and family that Australia should send them for the last few years now!!!

  2. Big kudos to Paul Clarke and the Blink TV/SBS team – even if the next six artists are talent show rejects it would be a better field than I ever expected and a far better field than every other country’s national selection, perhaps except for Sweden. But I have a feeling they aren’t done with the big artists given they are drip feeding the announcements – why go big for the first four and then release six mediocre artists afterwards?

    Fingers crossed the songs and stage/production are equally great! Even the most cynical Eurovision fans around the world are now really excited for Australia’s 2019 act after this announcement.

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