Courtney Act set for Dancing with the Stars

Full line-up and launch date for 10 reality series is confirmed.

Drag queen and Eurovision hopeful Courtney Act will compete on Dancing with the Stars on 10.

The entertainer, who first made waves on 10’s Australian Idol in 2003, becomes the first drag performer anywhere in the world to compete on the series.

Act, aka Shane Jenek, recently won Big Brother UK and hosted The Bi Life for E!

On February 9 she hopes to win Eurovision: Australia Decides on the Gold Coast, representing Australia in Tel Aviv with “Fight for Love.

She joins previously-leaked names James Rees, Cassandra Thorburn, Constance Hall, Miguel Maestre, Olympia Valance, Sir Curtly Ambrose, Michelle Bridges, Denise Scott, Samuel Johnson,  and Jett Kenny -all of whom are now confirmed.

Dancing with the Stars hosted by Grant Denyer & Amanda Keller screens on Monday, February 18 at 7.30pm.

Source: The Age

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  1. I really hope it does well for them. Entertainment/Variety is better than all the reality on offer. I will mainly be barracking for Denise, Miguel, and Courtney, but best wishes to all the contestants.

  2. Also, its probably an awful lot of money to just do 1 night away. Should have done 2 nights like old idol days and have a results show for 1 hr the following night and have singers perform ect. Make it more hrs of primetime.

  3. *yawn* could be worse, they could’ve gotten Daryl he doesn’t stop talking Somers to host it. I blame Somers for the demise of All Saint’s he wouldn’t shut up on DWS and it would often run over time causing All Saints to start late or even get bumped all together.

    1. I don’t think you’re the only one tired of grant denyers hosting style. Hopefully he tones down the constant over the top shouting and reactions. It would be great if Amanda Keller actually did the main hosting duties and Grant was just back stage with the contestants in a support role, just to switch things up.

  4. This cast is even worse than I’m A Nobody and need publicity! If it looks like a turd, if it smells like a turd, it is a turd. Like most stuff Ten launches, it might draw 200,000 nuffies. This thing will be lucky to last 2 weeks.

  5. What an over exposed cast. Every one of them will appear at the drop of a hat anywhere. At least Sam Johnson is doing it for charity. Was there not an Aussie cricketer available who is not on contract to a TV network rather than Sir Curtly Ambrose? Only name I don’t know is James Rees. Cassandra Thornburn just makes me want to say no. Hope they are on 7 sec delay to beep the Karl insults. Grant & Amanda are going to Mr & Mrs Overexposed also. Does Aussie TV have a phobia for new or not so familiar faces hosting tv shows anymore?

    1. I wouldn’t say any of them are over exposed except for Denyer. The fact that I don’t know half of them means they aren’t over exposed. I won’t be watching but how many shows are each of them in to be over exposed. Would probably consider watching if Mark Humphries was on it.

  6. I don’t see her winning Australia Decides to be honest – the song just isn’t that great. And, for whatever reason, Courtney is more popular outside of Australia than at home.
    That said, if she did win it and got into the later rounds of DWTS it more or less rules her out of all the Eurovision promotional events/concerts that take place in April in various places.

    1. Oh I agree that ‘Fight for Love’ will be unlikely to win. Just would be nice to see more commitment from the acts, given Tania and Ella already have concerts booked in May during the contest.

  7. Do we know how long the series will run for?
    The reason I ask is that a lot of promo goes on for Eurovision – big events in April in London, Amsterdam, Spain, Israel… I am guessing that DWTS overruns on those, which shows no kind of commitment to the contest. Tania Doko and Ella Hooper also have clashing gig dates through May when Eurovision is on.

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