Justice Crew: Australia’s Got Talent did it better

Justice Crew last week got a standing ovation on America’s Got Talent: The Champions (ok, most acts did too) but did not proceed to the Final to join the likes of Susan Boyle.

I once told a Seven exec I reckon they are a success story worthy of more… multicultural, self-trained, giving classes to underprivileged kids…. there’s a good yarn in there.

But for my money the Australia’s Got Talent performance was better than the America’s Got Talent showcase. Back then they were purely a dance troupe. Now the agenda seems to be record sales. The line-up has changed and they surely mimed much of the song.

Compare and contrast…


  1. I think they were being compared to some other acts from America’s best dance crew there’s an act from that show that had the likes of Hok and D-Trix from there I can’t remember the name of the group it’s at the tip of my tongue. Both groups are Asian can do amazing stunts. And I think they were overlooked because they sang and danced not just dance as like the Aussie version.

    I was shocked too I met them last year when I saw them live love their songs and dance moves and yes they have potential too outside Australia

  2. To much mocking from my partner, I’m actually quite a fan of Justice Crew. However, I found their America’s Got Talent performance a real let down. It was like they weren’t quite sure whether they were appearing as a dance act or a singing group. I also though they kind of got lost in the multitude of LEDs that were on the stage as well. They said in their intro package that they were looking to crack America. Sadly, I think it’s a missed opportunity for them.

  3. battlestargalactica

    The clear difference is the Australian version allows the performance to shine. Less camera movement and cutting. The US version is so busy cutting to judges and crowd, filling the performance space with graphics and flinging the cameras around the place the performance is lost.

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