Nat Geo pulls Neil deGrasse Tyson series

Plans for Cosmos: Possible Worlds to screen globally in March may have hit a snag with news that National Geographic has pulled its long-running Neil deGrasse Tyson chat show StarTalk off the air, following allegations of sexual misconduct.

A FOX Networks Group investigation is underway into multiple claims against the famed astrophysicist.

“In order to allow the investigation to occur unimpeded we chose to hold new episodes of Star Talk until it is complete,” a Nat Geo representative has told Variety. “We expect that to happen in the next few weeks at which time we’ll make a final decision.”

The 13 part Cosmos: Possible Worlds hosted by Tyson, is set to premiere on March 4 in 172 countries and 43 languages but reshooting scenes with another host, such as producer Seth McFarlane, would take months of work should it prove to be the outcome.

Tyson has denied the allegations in a Facebook post, and said he welcomed an investigation: “In any claim, evidence matters. Evidence always matters. But what happens when it’s just one person’s word against another’s, and the stories don’t agree? That’s when people tend to pass judgment on who is more credible than whom. And that’s when an impartial investigation can best serve the truth – and would have my full cooperation to do so.”

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