7mate Rostered On for new comedy

Warning: language

A local comedy which began life as a web series has now been commissioned for a second season by 7mate.

Rostered On, which centres around the staff and customers of a fictional electrical goods store ‘Electroworld’ launched in 2016 as a pilot, and then in 2017 as a web series on YouTube. Filmed in Geelong by Robot Army and Ruby Entertainment it has over 250m views online and led to a screening via Netflix.

Production is now underway for a second season -the first narrative comedy commissioned for 7mate, with season one to air later this year.

Writer, Producer and Director, Ryan Chamley said, “It’s surreal to look back and reminisce about how this show started, and then think of where we are now. It’s incredible. From a small indy web series shot on a shoestring budget, to Netflix, and now to a major Australian network is truly a dream come true! It makes my time spent slaving away in retail almost worth it… almost 😉

“I am truly thankful for 7mate investing in the future of Australian comedy. I think it is an exciting time where major networks are commissioning scripted comedy again, and I hope it births a plethora of new and exciting shows. We can’t wait to show our fans what we have been cooking up for the last two years! ”

In season 2, the Electroworld team is back, bigger, badder and more politically incorrect than ever. And with the opening of a cafe around the corner, the gang now have a new meeting place, complete with its own clientele of painful customers and a few story surprises.

The season will see the return of its Australian cast including Paul Moore, Doug Lyons, Tara Vagg, Lliam Murphy and Diana Brumen along with new cast members including Nick Boshier (Bondi Hipsters) and guest appearances by fellow Hipster Christiaan Van Vuuren and comedian Bob Franklin.

Rostered On is a Robot Army and Ruby Entertainment production for 7mate. Principal production investment from Channel Seven, in association with Screen Australia. Financed with support from Film Victoria.

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