Changing Rooms struggles upon return

Changing Rooms has suffered an early blow drawing an alarming 204,000 viewers upon its return, fourth in its slot.

The revived renovation series fronted by Natalie Bassingthwaighte is part of a broader multi-night offering post-I’m a Celebrity but is up against reality juggernauts.

It was thrashed by Married at First Sight on a whopping 1.29m viewers, topping total people and the demos.

Seven followed (from 7pm) at 766,000 for My Kitchen Rules then ABC’s Hard Quiz on 607,000 and 7:30 on 545,000.

Nine network won at 33.6%, then Seven 30.8%, ABC 15.7%, 10 13.5% and SBS 6.5%.

Elsewhere for Nine, Nine News was 838,000 / 825,000, then A Current Affair (717,000), New Amsterdam (461,000), Hot Seat (446,000 / 273,000) and Chicago Med (192,000).

Seven News won its slot with 916,000 / 908,000 then The Chase (493,000 / 425,000), Undercurrent (452,000) and Criminal Minds (195,000).

ABC News was 602,000 for ABC. Rosehaven drew 429,000 then Get Krack!n (234,000), Would I Lie to You? (225,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (179,000) and The Drum (167,000).

10 News First was 10’s highest ranking show at just 365,000 viewers. Elsewhere it was The Project (323,000 / 189,000), Law & Order: SVU (206,000 / 139,000) and Pointless (182,000).

On SBS it was McMafia (188,000 / 158,000), Great British Railway Journeys (176,000), Gourmet Farmer (115,000) and SBS World News (106,000).

10 Bold’s NCIS: LA topped multichannels at 158,000.

Sunrise: 282,000
Today: 200,000
News Breakfast: 115,000 / 42,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 13 February 2019



      • Um, I don’t think the 136k that watched NCIS on 10Bold last night instead of Changing Rooms wanted to watch CR instead otherwise they would have.
        Simulcasting is the last thing I’d be looking to do.

  1. The original Big Brother is a great, and long overdue idea. I know I’ve said it before but can we please have Wheel of Fortune back? The US version is so flash and fast! I love it.
    I agree The Project has had long enough to grow, several time slots and it ain’t working.
    I had such high hopes when CBS bought 10 and the relaunch/rebranding was great. 10 has the best promo and logo imo. But there is no reason to watch. It seems like 10 has gone backwards since revamp.

  2. italianguy1987

    i don’t think 10 need to bump the show. all they need to do it edit it down again to fit a 60 min format. wednesday’s episode was sufficient enough. they renovated 2 rooms and did reveals. they just need to make 1 ep a week and keep it to 60 mins. it’s not hard. edit out all the talking and a bit of the reno and they actual have a good show…please don’t bump it. just edit it down.

    • Sounds like the basic premise of many renovation shows on 9Life – Fixer Upper, Texas Fli’n’move, Good Bones etc. One hour is plenty, especially when you are not actually trying to teach people techniques, just entertain them.

      The difference is, I feel uncomfortable with people damaging other’s houses. I would rather watch people with talent improving the spaces, or at least with The Block, if they trash the makeover, people have the choice not to buy.

    • Actually the article says, “Sources say 10 will bump the show from its Wednesday time slot next week, though it is unclear what will replace it, or if it will continue to air on Thursdays. The network declined to comment.” I have also asked 10 to clarify. I have the latest official info which still indicates next Wednesday. I suspect by tomorrow it will be officially bumped so I will post then.

      • Like many others on this forum, I disliked Changing Rooms AU – it’s bloated at 2.5 hrs per week. If 10 want to bring it back, return future eps to the edit suite and cut each project back to 1 hour (i.e. circa 43 mins actual length w/o ads) as Changing Rooms UK has done for around 2 decades, though UK eps tend to be a few mins longer than AU eps in general.

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