MAFS, Travel Guides hit season highs.

Nine led from 7pm last night and did not let go until after 10:30pm.

The unstoppable Married at First Sight hit a new season high of 1.35m viewers and topped the demos.

My Kitchen Rules was second in its slot at 774,000 then 7:30 (553,000), Foreign Correspondent (393,000) and an Ambulance Australia repeat at just 259,000.

MAFS success saw Travel Guides dominate its slot at 734,000, well up on last week and second in the demos for the night.

Nine network won Tuesday with 36.0% then Seven 28.4%, ABC 15.9%, 10 13.8% and SBS 6.0%.

Nine News  drew 880,000 / 853,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (859,000). Hot Seat scored (462,000 / 292,000) and True Story with Hamish & Andy was 296,000.

Seven News won its slot at 898,000 / 878,000 for Seven. Home and Away was 581,000 then The Good Doctor (518,000), The Chase (493,000 / 321,000) and The Resident (214,000).

ABC News pulled 700,000 for ABC. Catalyst was 332,000 then Forces of Nature with Brian Cox (213,000) and The Drum (204,000).

The Project (429,000 / 233,000) was best for 10 followed by 10 News First (358,000). Hughesy We Have a Problem drew 261,000, Pointless was 195,000 and NCIS: LA on 22,000.

On SBS it was Michael Portillo’s Abandoned Britain (212,000), Insight (127,000), 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (115,000) and SBS World News (106,000).

Peter Rabbit bounced to the top of multichannels for ABC KIDS on 209,000.

Sunrise: 273,000
Today: 188,000
News Breakfast: 96,000 / 36,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 19 February 2019


  1. Not great numbers for the second night back for home and away …when the rivers boys was in the show it was rating 1 million viewers a night and now look not good ….

  2. Was looking forward to the return of Ambulance last night, was quite disappointed and frustrated at the re-run coming on, the printed guide from last week’s paper clearly listed it as a return and new episode.

    Simply no respect for the few viewers trying to avoid the juggernauts, glad the got the ratings they deserved.

    Noticed they are just flogging Sunday Night Takeaway in every ad break and nothing else, almost as if they given up trying to compete other than on Sundays & Mondays (& 8:40pm Thursdays with Gogglebox). So much for 50 weeks of entertainment.

    • I hope by throwing in a repeat of Ambulance won’t ruin ratings for the new episode next week, with people assuming it’s yet another repeat.
      The commercials for Sunday Night Takeaway just show how terribly lame this is going to be, and the fact that Julia Morris is hosting means I won’t even bother giving it a chance. Her face pulling and mispronunciation of words is pretty much her only comedy, and it’s stale.

  3. Reading the ratings I felt sorry for 10, until I realised Ambulance Australia was a repeat. Program repeats in the first weeks of ratings and you’ll get the ratings you deserve.

  4. I’m a big fan of Ten and believe they have many great shows but they got what they deserved last night airing an episode of Ambulance that had been seen multiple times before in one of the most prime slots of the week I mean seriously? If Ten wants Hughesy to build a following I think they need to move it to Mondays after DWTS or even Sundays after Takeaway (depending on how that fares in the ratings)
    Also why have a new Graham Norton on Friday and a repeat on Monday? Should be the other way around.

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