Today hits another new low, but Nine dominates primetime.

Ratings: A public holiday was bad news at brekkie. Dancing with the Stars still 4th in its slot.

The end of a long weekend (in 2 states yesterday) is generally good news in primetime as viewers bunker down for the working week, but bad news in breakfast TV as routines are disrupted.

And that’s pretty much what happened yesterday.

Married at First Sight was #1 and topped the demos at 1.36m viewers its best Monday outing this year.

My Kitchen Rules was next in its slot at 761,000, up on last Monday, then ABC shows third with 7:30 (620,000) and Australian Story (551,000).

Dancing with the Stars was fourth in its slot at 484,000 but rose to 526,000 for the elimination of Cass Thorburn, a lift for the latter portion.

Impacted by the long weekend Today fell to another all-time low in survey of just 163,000 viewers. Trends would suggest the slide is not yet over….

Sunrise led at 266,000. News Breakfast totalled 150,000 on two channels (102,000 / 48,000).

Nine network won the night with 33.3% then Seven 27.5%, ABC 17.4%, 10 15.6% and SBS 6.2%.

Seven News pulled 1.01m / 959,000. Home & Away was 636,000 then The Chase was 568,000 / 359,000 and Instant Hotel (280,000).

Nine News won its slot with 1.04m / 999,000 then A Current Affair (927,000), Bad Mothers (495,000), Hot Seat (492,000 /306,000) and Botched (191,000).

ABC News was 729,000 for ABC. Four Corners (605,000) and Media Watch (585,000) followed by Q&A (393,000) and The Drum (186,000).

The Project was 469,000  / 258,000 for 10 then 10 News First (439,000), Pointless (193,000) and The Graham Norton Show (155,000).

On SBS it was The Kennedys (185,000), Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (164,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (162,000) and SBS World News (126,000).

9GO!’s Big Bang Theory topped multichannels at 154,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 11 March 2019.


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  1. Its interesting that Channel 7 has put so much more money into this season of Instant Hotel ($100,000 prize money plus they gave $10,000 to each of the grand finalists to make changes) yet they have less than half the number of teams as last season (last season had 10 teams over two rounds, this season is 4 teams in one round) so its much easier to win. The ratings for this season look like they’re around half though. The later time slot has probably contributed to that massivlely though.

  2. I notice Peter Overton is fronting both the NSW and Federal Elections for 9 with Deb Knight. Is this a sign of things to come, an opportunity to test the waters? Why wouldn’t you use Georgie and Deb to host the elections? Do they think 2 women can host Today but not election coverage?

    1. Seven has been on a roll with the ‘special event’ news coverage in recent years, both presenters, quality (more or less) and ratings, Royal Wedding springs to mind particularly. Nine will want to strike hard this time around with the election, though elections specifically are ABC’s domain.

    1. Agree, I haven’t been a regular watcher of the show in the past, but seem to really be enjoying this reboot. Amanda is very funny, Grant does a great job, the cast isn’t too bad, the judges for the most part provide good feedback and I even like the nasty judge this time around, he’s such a darling…

  3. I was off work on Monday & watched both Today & News Breakfast for the first time in at least a year. The 2 presenters on News Breakfast are smart & have a good rapport. There was lots of time for banter between stories so I really felt I got to know them. Over on today the segments came thick & fast (between ads) so there was no time for banter. The weather man was the only one who stood out, the other male presenter did not say one word (that I recall) so there are 5 presenters I know nothing about . As a very casual viewer there seemed to be more banter when Karl was there. If i was home every day I’d definitely watch News breakfast

  4. DWTS was good last night, I recorded it and began watching at 8.30pm so I could FF through the commercials, recaps, banter, and rehearsal segments. Managed to watch it all in just over an hour.I think Kurtley or Michelle will be leaving next week. It was good to see a few returnees to Neighbours last night for Sonya’s memorial service. It seems the previous cast members are more willing (or able) to briefly return these days which make stories realistic when tragedy happens.

  5. Why doesn’t 10 take advantage of the Today show slump and move Studio 10 to the breakfast morning slot. It’s funny, the team have great chemistry and with Nartasha reading the news I think it could actually take on Sunrise (would need to drop the advertorials)

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