1. Have to say I’m really surprised by this, I thought Manhunt would do better & I’m not much of a fan of Travel Guides. The people in it are awful, maybe it’s another case of trash tv rating well. I wonder though with the Christchurch attacks dominating the news over the last week maybe that’s influenced people not wanting to watch so much crime shows & going for light entertainment instead

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I watched Ambulance Australia…and then Manhunt…I was fully engaged….great viewing…
    I usually watch ABC and SBS on catch up…iview and On Demand.

  3. Great episode of the chase . I missed the beginning, did anybody catch where the boys were from ? I swear one was in my gym this morning in Brisbane ?

    • Melbourne I think. That would seem logical as they were Australian Rules players. I think I heard Beaumaris mentioned at one point. Pretty sure nearly all of the Chase contestants are from Melbourne unless otherwise stated, hence why they usually don’t reveal where they are from.

  4. Ambulance is such a wonderfully made production, it’s a real shame more aren’t watching it. These everyday people are the real heroes, not wannabe celebrities who “get married” just to get more Instagram followers.

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