Kate Miller-Heidke won Semi Final 1, Australia takes staging trophy.

Kate Miller-Heidke may not have won the Eurovision grand final, but she did soar to the top of the heap in Semi Final One and the Marcel Bezençon Artistic Award for staging.

Eurovision organisers have now released the full results of voting in semi-final one (bold = qualified):

  1. Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke “Zero Gravity” (261 points)
  2. Czech Republic: Lake Malawi “Friend of a Friend” (242 points)
  3. Iceland: Hatari “Hatrið mun sigra” (221 points)
  4. Estonia: Victor Crone “Storm” (198 points)
  5. Greece: Katerine Duska “Better Love” (185 points)
  6. Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl “Sebi” (167 points)
  7. Serbia: Nevena Božović “Kruna” (156 points)
  8. San Marino: Serhat “Say Na Na Na” (150 points)
  9. Cyprus: Tamta “Replay” (149 points)
  10. Belarus: ZENA “Like It” (122 points)
  11. Poland: Tulia “Fire of Love (Pali się)” (120 points)
  12. Hungary: Joci Pápai “Az én apám” Hungarian (97 points)
  13. Belgium: Eliot “Wake Up” (70 points)
  14. Georgia: Oto Nemsadze “Keep on Going” (62 points)
  15. Portugal: Conan Osiris “Telemóveis” (51 points)
  16. Montenegro: D mol “Heaven” (46 points)
  17. Finland: Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman “Look Away”(23 points)
1.Iceland (151 points)Czech Republic (157 points)
2.Australia (140 points)Greece (131 points)
3.Estonia (133 points)Australia (121 points)
4.San Marino (124 points)Cyprus (95 points)
5.Slovenia (93 points)Serbia (91 points)
6.Czech Republic (86 points)Belarus (78 points)
7.Serbia (65 points)Slovenia (74 points)
8.Poland (60 points)Iceland (70 points)
9.Greece (54 points)Estonia (65 points)
10.Cyprus (54 points)Hungary (65 points)
11.Belarus (44 points)Poland (60 points)
12.Portugal (44 points)Belgium (50 points)
13.Georgia (33 points)Montenegro (31 points)
14.Hungary (32 points)Georgia (29 points)
15.Belgium (20 points)San Marino (26 points)
16.Montenegro (15 points)Finland (9 points)
17.Finland (14 points)Portugal (8 points)

In voting for the Grand Final none of the 46 countries allocated us 12 points in the Televoting, but UK, Ireland & Iceland each awarded us 10 points. Two juries, Poland and Romania, awarded us 12 points.

Kate Miller-Heidke said, “Also thrilled to learn that I came 1st place in Semi Final 1 – holy actual shit! We were also the first Australians ever to win the Eurovision Marcel Bezençon Artistic Award for our staging – here being held by Philip Gleeson, creative director of Strange Fruit, who was responsible for our choreography, as well as training me in how to use the pole, and for convincing me it was possible in the first place.”

Definitely our best staging yet. Congrats.

Source: Wiwibloggs, Eurovision.tv

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