Returning: Kinne Tonight

Sketch comedy by Troy Kinne gets a full season run on 10 from late May.

Sketch comedy Kinne Tonight which was trialled as part of Pilot Week gets a full season run on 10 from late May.

The series by Troy Kinne will screen on Monday nights following Have You Been Paying Attention?

Last year he told TV Tonight, “I had somewhat of an epiphany while watching the documentary series Flint which follows police officers who work every day in the murder/crime capital of America – a town called Flint. In one scene a police officer has returned home from a typical day of work where he has seem horrific and miserable things. He slumps into his chair opposite the TV and is watching a Conan O’Brien-type Tonight Show. His expression morphs from stress to chucking at a joke made on the show. Seeing this made me realise that it is fine if my show does not have an agenda, or a need to influence people’s thinking.

“My only real agenda is to give hard working folks like the police officer in Flint, an escape for 30 minutes where they can laugh at the ridiculousness of how seriously we take ourselves. Kinne Tonight will focus on all of the little relatable things in life that we encounter every day and it will make a connection with its viewers, allowing them to indulge in some therapeutic silliness once a week.”

This season he will take aim at more relatable stuff from what your coffee order says about you, to pick-up lines on dating apps.

Monday, 27 May at 9.30pm on 10.

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