Wentworth cast: “Epic….riveting” season ahead

EXCLUSIVE: Cast members and crew from Wentworth last night attended a media screening of the Season 7 opening episode at the Jam Factory in South Yarra.

In attendance were stars Kate Atkinson, Robbie Magasiva, Bernard Curry and Jacqueline Brennan plus produce Pino Amenta, story producer Marcia Gardner, writer Pete McTighe, composer Richard Pleasance and publicists Kelly Davis, Jen Fitzpatrick, Dee Stewart and Nikki Caudry.

According to the cast, the season packs a punch.

“If I can speak on behalf of the whole cast, the resounding outcome from whenever I talk to anybody is that we all believe Season 7 is the best season so far,” Bernard Curry told TV Tonight.

“The amount of stuff that’s in it and the journey each character has I think it epic.”

Kate Atkinson agreed.

“I’ve been there through the whole production and watched it as an audience member, and held my breath for 45 minutes,” she said. “It is riveting.

“The expectation is that to raise the bar you just have to make it more violent. But that’s not what happens this season.

“There’s all of that stuff, but everyone is finding other connections in the way friendships and relationships play out. There’s other stuff going on that is intriguing and heartbreaking. It’s compelling.”

Robbie Magasiva added, “I agree 100% with what they both said.”

Wentworth returns 8:30pm Tuesday May 28 on FOX Showcase.


  1. I can’t agree with BarrieT, last season was far from dire. Wentworth really launched off an incredibly reconstituted Bea Smith but she got to the point where she had nothing left to lose, so it was the right decision to finish her off and move forward. I think since then, she show has evolved beyond simply being an excellent Prisoner remake and has found it’s own dramatic voice and I’m absolutely loving it. Some seasons may be better than others but I still count down the days to each new episode.

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