Andrew Denton to interview Madonna

Tracey Grimshaw may have sat down with Susan Boyle but Andrew Denton will sit down with Madonna for an exclusive Australian TV Interview, airing on Tuesday week.

38 number ones. 300 million records sold. The highest grossing female live performer ever. Madonna, the woman who wrote the rulebook for the modern pop star, has single-handedly redefined what it is to be famous. Outspoken, provocative and joyfully difficult to pin down, she’s spent almost four decades shocking and delighting her audience.

Now, ahead of the release of her new album, Madame X, Andrew and the blue chairs fly to London to catch up with the pop icon and find what’s inspiring and driving her in 2019.

This will be genuine Event TV, an unmissable conversation that promises to be unpredictable, thoughtful and funny. And just a little bit naughty.

9pm Tuesday June 18 on Seven.


  1. I’m going to be a little cynical here. Madonna “pop star” will be in full control of this interview not Madonna Louise Ciccone the person. I’ll watch out of respect to a music icon but Madonna has an album to promote, nothing more.

  2. After Eurovision she has shown to be totally irrelevant & past her prime. Will Andrew grill her about that shocker of a performance or will this be a puff piece?

    • agreed, i was a fan back in the day, but she needs to learn how to age gracefully, take a leaf out of Blondie’s book (who still actually has talent)

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