Andrew Denton: Interview: Aug 20

Former foreign minister Julie Bishop is guest this week on the season final of Andrew Denton: Interview.

If most Australians can agree about one thing, it’s that we’re not very impressed by our politicians.

Julie Bishop is one of the very few exceptions to the rule. A smart, stylish woman, she represented us on the world stage as foreign minister with great dignity and brought the same calm to her role as deputy leader through a decade of turmoil.

In her first long-form interview since the end of her political career, Andrew asks Julie:

What it’s like to be a foreign minister, dealing with bullies and dictators and permanent jet lag and the saddest of international tragedies;

How difficult it is to be a female minister in a cabinet where you’re surrounded by not just men, but men with often outsized egos;

How she has used her fashion choices to make subtle and unsubtle political statements;

And how it feels when you’re the most electable alternative to the recently deposed Malcolm Turnbull, streets ahead in the public polls, and your party doesn’t choose you.

Tuesday August 13 at 8.30pm on Seven.


  1. thedirtydigger

    I think Julie Bishop comes across as someone constantly amazed by her own wonderfulness and importance. Her face contortions and cutsie pie reactions to Denton’s questions did nothing for me, and as for the blatant lie that she ” knew” Scott Morrison would win the election … the truth was she was a rat thinking she was leaving a sinking ship.

  2. I am watching Andrew Denton interviewing Julia Bishop I now understand why she is not our PM she is to educated and that frightened the crap out of our Male politicians your missed Jilia

  3. I think Andrew has interviewed great people this season. It didn’t matter if they wern’t famous. I will watch this because I think she was an interesting politician who had to face Trump and Putin and didn’t back down.
    I thought she was great.

  4. I miss Julie Bishop as foreign minister as she is intelligent & is an exemplary diplomat. When it came to her duties specifically as foreign minister, she made good relations with foreign countries/governments & is well respected & known internationally. She had a good understanding & knowledge of the countries she visited & had dealings with. I’m interested in seeing this interview.

    • You don’t know anyone who likes Julie Bishop. I think you need to get out more. She was voted as most popular female politician in Federal Parliament. Many Labor people spoke very favorably of her (after she left politics).

      • carolemorrissey

        I don’t think the James Hardie asbestos victims thought very highly of her. She fought tooth & nail to stop them getting compensation. She was very nasty towards Julia Gillard alongside Abbott & her other male colleagues.

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