Renewed: Russian Doll

Russian Doll has been renewed for a second season by Netflix.

The news was cheekily announced by star / co-creator Natasha Lyonne and Netflix’s original content Vice President Cindy Holland at Recode’s Code Conference in Arizona.

On a public panel, Holland asked Lyonne if she wanted to do a second season. “Me, Cindy? Same show, just weirder? Are you sure?” she teased. “Nadia Vulvokov is a coder, as you know, so I guess it would be somewhat appropriate to maybe have this be the time and place to say yes, very much so, I would love to do that, Cindy.”

The first season revolved around the Nadia, a coder invited to a party in New York City on her 36th birthday. However, after dying unexpectedly, Nadia finds herself reliving the party, and the night that follows, over and over again, each time dying and having to restart at the same moment during the evening. After a few loops, she tries to unravel what is causing her to remain trapped in time.

Creatives have previously stated they intend for the show to tell a story across three seasons.

Source: TV by the Numbers


  1. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

    That’s good I really enjoyed Russian Doll as it had a dark edge to it, much like 1990’s 12:01pm with Kurtwood Smith did, 1947’s Repeat Performance was another good one with a dark tone as well.

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